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Classy classic birthday cake from Cova

It may not be fancy and doesn’t look cool (people have become very innovative and extravagant with cake designs now), but Cova’s mango dome cake is the most consistently delicious, refreshing and suits all birthday cake I’ve had all my life. I have this cake at least once every year and it shocks me how not-sick-of-it I am – that really vouches for the taste, doesn’t it?


The cake tastes simple, like a mix of very fresh high quality mango and cream. If you’re stuck on cake ideas for your family or colleagues, this will always be a safe bet!



  1. I felt hungry just merely gazing at very irresistible 5 best lemon tarts in Hongkong that you had featured. Add this mango cake, what a so delicious dessert. What I had tasted lemon tarts in Hongkong was the simple recipe of it. Thanks for featuring at least similar in name only of what I had tasted, my favorite tart.


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