Best brunch experience at Blue Butcher

Contrary to what I had read and heard, it’s not all about that burger at Blue Butcher, but everything else. In short, what put the epic in this brunch was:

  • All-you-can-eat oysters
  • Juicy raw shrimps
  • Fluffy waffles at the waffle station
  • Amazing desserts that make you grow a second stomach (or third, if you had that second one already)
  • Even the coffee was great to end the big meal

The meal consists of a buffet (salads, oysters, waffle station, foie gras station), a choice of main course, a choice of dessert and coffee or tea. It’s a huge meal that I’ve documented as below!


The brunch starts off with a buffet which has a variety of interesting salads, featuring watermelon, tuna and others. But I kept my mouth on the freshly shucked oysters that were very tasty, especially for a buffet. The big raw shrimps were also juicy and refreshing! I had two plates of these!


After the seafood madness, I could not resist the waffle station, which was located next to a foie gras station (but I don’t eat foie gras). The lady made this waffle with unparalleled fluffiness – seriously the texture made it amazing above all – and I topped it off with a generous amount of delicious FAT (butter and cream). You shouldn’t bother saving calories at this point, right?

imageI had heard and read good things about the burger here, but was disappointed that the patty was thin, while the bun was a bit dry. The pickles and salads (or whatever veggie) in the burger were a little overriding. It was not bad but I prefer my burger to taste fat, oily and meaty!

Then we asked for “mayo” (to dip our fries) and they said, “sorry, we only have TRUFFLE mayo… Is that OK?” DUH! Back to being super happy customers, as it was very truffly.

Instead of the burger, you could order the chicken instead, which was tender, juicy and flavourful. There were also other choices, like eggs benedict, although I was told it tasted a little salty.
Time for desserts! Our table ordered all three choices on the menu and so I got to taste each one. I ordered this lemon curd with burnt cream pot because I had it for dinner once and it was amazing (though I am biasedly obsessed with lemon tarts).


But when I had a bite of the salted caramel apple crumble, I kind of regretted! This pot was huge and was a great mixture of salty and sweet. But anyway, you can’t go wrong with any of the dessert choices here, so there’s no need to dwelve into dilemma-mode.


To top off the meal, the coffee was a very pleasant surprise. I got the cappuccino, but the black coffee would’ve been a better choice, given how full I was!

So that was the journey of my worthy-of-documentation Blue Butcher brunch experience! Have you been here? Share your experience with me!

Blue Butcher is located on 108 Hollywood road, Central. Reservations required. Brunch costs HK$390 + service charge; burger and chicken is an extra HK$80 and HK$90 respectively.


  1. […] Blue Butcher does one of the most epic Sunday brunches – I had never felt that full before in my life. There’s so much to it, that the experience probably gave birth to one of my longest posts. During the brunch, we asked for mayo to dip our fries in, but they said they “only had truffle mayo, is that OK?”!!! Cheekily hiding away our enthusiasm at first, our table quickly wiped that truffle mayo pot clean within dips. […]

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