5 best lemon tarts in Hong Kong

Update: 8 best lemon tarts in Hong Kong is the newest version of this article

I don’t remember when and how lemon tart became my favourite dessert. It used to be anything chocolatey, but I guess an appetite for something more refreshing and less sweet comes with age! Am I right?

So I have unintentionally been on a quest for the perfect lemon tart or lemony dessert as it would be my must-order item anywhere that serves it. Let me share with you my top 5 (in order)! image Cedele: Lemon tart with the perfect lemon curd (HK$45)

The appearance of this little tart didn’t really steal my heart, but I was convinced to “give it a try” and damn, I need to give more new things a try! It was so delicious and I have not found any lemon tart with a smoother texture than this one. The centre has a perfect balance of sweet and sour, while being super soft. The tart crust is harder than it looks and will crack (rather than crumble) when you try to cut it. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though; the crust tastes really good, but texture could be more perfect, I’d say.

Cedele is located in Elements (West Kowloon), Infinitus plaza (Sheung Wan) and Tai Kok Tsui. image Craft coffee roaster: Tangy lemon tart with excellent textures (HK$35)

I come here regularly for their delicious cappuccinos, but this was the first time I spotted these tiny neat looking lemon tarts at the counter! Lemon curd was soft and smooth, crust was firm and remained in tact when broken into. The only reason it doesn’t make it to No.1 is because I found the lemon curd a bit too sour.

Craft coffee roaster is located on 29 Tai Kok Tsui road, Kowloon. It’s a walk from Olympic station. image Carbone: Creamily balanced lemon cheesecake

This lemon cheesecake was hands down the highlight of my meal at this amazing family-style Italian restaurant. I was attracted here by their famous pink sauce pasta, but they really should be famous for this lemon dessert! The lemon taste refreshingly complemented the light and creamy cheese taste, making it a perfect dessert to end our meal, while not tasting sour at all. The texture was smooooooooooth. THIS is the reason I’m going to be back!

Carbone is located on 9/F in LKF tower, Central. Reservations are a must. image Blue Butcher: Lemon curd crumble with burnt cream

I had lemon tart in my mind before the dessert menu came. So I was pretty happy to see this option and it definitely does satisfy a lemon tart craving! The pot is layered with lemon curd, cookie crumble and cream. The lemon curd is quite sour I think, but the sweet cream on top does a pretty good job of cancelling that out! All in all a great dessert, but I just boringly still prefer the lemon tart.

Read more about Blue Butcher’s Sunday brunch here.

Blue Butcher is located on 108 Hollywood road, Central. image LGB: A conveniently delicious lemon tart for everyone (HK$42)

I’ve had the lemon tart at LGB countless times and will keep going back. It’s good and simple; not too sweet or sour. The curd and crust is very well balanced in taste and texture. It doesn’t top my chart though, as neither curd nor crust has exceeded the other lemom desserts I’ve tried. But given how accessible and decently priced LGB is, it’s a good choice for anyone!

LGB can be found in Elements (West Kowloon), IFC (Central) and others.


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