Affordably fine Italian food at Sheraton Macao’s Bene

I know no one thinks of Italian food when they visit Macau. I came here (by chance) about a year ago and absolutely loved it! To the point that I decided to come again for my birthday this year.

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From starter, soups, pasta to mains, the food was executed deliciously! They gave us a free special birthday dessert, so we didn’t get a chance to try their dessert menu. But there’ll be a next time for sure. See my *must order* recommendations below!


Cream curd filled mozzarella with tomatoes and basil oil (HKD/MOP 148)

Just one of those refreshing starters I was in the mood for and it definitely met my expectations!


Tuscany seafood soup with garlic bread (HKD/MOP 128) *must order*

Considering it’s soup, this was probably one of the pricier items we had. But the flavours were so authentic and substantial; they really put a lot of seafood in there. There were prawns, mussels, octopus, salmon and more, and they tasted great!


Butternut pumpkin soup, seared scallops, parma ham (HKD/MOP 98)

Smooth and creamy texture – one of the best pumpkin soups I’ve had!


Spaghetti carbonara (HKD/MOP 158) *must order*

Nope, you can’t eat that whole chunk of parmesan cheese! They merely serve the pasta to you on that block of cheese, mixing it up in there. The carbonara was delicious – the sauce was quite thick and eggy, while pasta was cooked just right (although it wasn’t intensely al dente, which is how I like it). For someone who loves carbonara, it ranks top 5!


Black cod in pantelleria caper sauce (HKD/MOP 248)

Unsurprisingly, this main course would cost the most just because it’s fish. But they really didn’t skimp out on ingredients. There were two (pretty huge) chunks of cod on the plate, perfect for sharing between two. The sauce was tomato-y. The fish was cooked very well, but just to be a bit picky and critical, the sauce didn’t match the cod as well as I would’ve hoped. Enjoyed it nonetheless!


Birthday love

At the end of the meal, a group of them came around with an enthusiastically loud birthday song and a plate of (free) dessert! They even took a photo of us and printed it along a signed birthday card. They were really sweet about it being my birthday (they knew from the reservation call).

Overall, the meal cost about HKD/MOP400 per person (food only); we paid more because we ordered a nice bottle of Tuscany wine. I thought it was super reasonably priced, considering the wonderful environment and quality of food! I will definitely be making an effort to come again.

Bene is located in Sheraton Macao, Cotai Central, Macau. They have a dress code. Visit their homepage for more info here.


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