Mixed feelings about Dalloyau’s afternoon tea

Fancily located in Harbour City (Tsim Sha Tsui), Dalloyau offers two types of afternoon tea sets, one is a “fine dining” option and the other is the “cafe” option. Since we “walked in”, the latter was the only option for us. The HK$536 (for two) price tag did put us off, but we decided to be baller and see what this was all about anyway.


Sorry, no switches

I have very mixed feelings about this place. Well, I don’t like foie gras, and so when ordering, I requested to exchange the foie gras sandwich for something else. The waiter told me that the tea sets are all pre-made and no switches can be made. “Can’t you make me anything else?” No because nothing else they make is small enough to place on that golden tea set rack. Hmmm, I didn’t want to say anymore, I’ll just take the foie gras then.


Finely delicate lobster and truffle sandwich

Aside from my biased dislike of the foie gras, the other sandwiches were all very good! My favourite was the lobster and truffle sandwich, the ingredients pretty much say it all, don’t they? The parma ham one was also very special and tasty. The portions were very very small though, but I can’t complain too much, because that usually is the case for afternoon tea sets in Hong Kong.


Stingy on the scones, disappointing clotted cream

The scones came after we devoured our lovely sandwiches, but they only brought two… One orange, the other raisin. “The set only comes with two scones???” So, we had to share each tiny scone to taste the two flavours. Pretty miserly, I angrily felt. More angrily so when they didn’t even taste great.

The clotted cream is usually my favourite part of afternoon tea, so I was soooo disappointed that this didn’t taste good at all! It just did not taste like clotted cream, but a little like sour cream (ew).


Yummy caramel tart

Moving on, the desserts were pretty tasty overall. Christmas cakes were delicious, but the caramel tart definitely stole my heart! The centre was so soft and tart crust so delicately thin. Opera cake was a soaked-in-coffee wet affair though.


The verdict

Honestly, they’ve got some really good things going here: sandwiches and selected desserts. I think it could be a great place for food or cakes.

But the verdict for the afternoon tea set is a no for me, given the stingy portions, mixed quality of food and extortionate price.

The service could also be vastly improved. All the fine-er restaurants I’ve been to have been happy to make foie gras substitutions for me. So I don’t think I’m being too unreasonable!

Dalloyau is located in Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. Only walk-ins are available for their cafe’s afternoon tea set, which starts at 3pm. 

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