Recipe ideas for a beautiful and delicious breakfast

I love weekend mornings for being peaceful, giving me the time to think and prepare the perfect breakfast. This weekend, I thought I’d share two ideas for toasted sandwiches – one savoury, one sweet. Share your breakfast or sandwich ideas in the comments section below!


Grilled sandwich with smoked salmon omelette

  • Butter up the outer side of two slices of wholewheat bread
  • Pan-fry the buttered side of bread until golden brown (as pictured), set aside
  • Pan-fry a tbsp of onions and chopped up smoked salmon (~50g)
  • Add in 2 eggs on low fire, shape egg to fit sandwich


Nutella french toast with bananas

  • Spread a generous amount of Nutella on one side of each two slices of bread
  • Soak the Nutella sandwich in a bowl of beaten eggs
  • Heat up the pan, butter it, and place the sandwich in the pan, until both sides golden brown
  • Top with sliced bananas


And of course, enjoy all of this with a nice cup of cappuccino! Have a great weekend everyone!


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