Best street food in Hong Kong when it’s cold

Winter is the perfect time to snack on street food; keeping your waistline thin takes a little lower priority and the stomach just keeps yelling for more!

I’ve had my fair share of street snacks lately and here are the best 5 choices for cold weather!


1. A bag of spicy deep fried popcorn chicken (香香雞)

Hot star is known for selling their enormous piece of fried chicken, but I love snacking on their spicy popcorn chicken instead (good for sharing!). The meat is very tender inside and they always make it fresh to order, which means it’s piping hot when served! It’s only HK$20/28 (half/full portion)… But warning: this stuff is addictive!

Hot star is located in several locations around Hong Kong, such as Sai Yeung Choi South St (Mong Kok), City One plaza (Shatin), Sai Kung Town and more.


2. Freshly made hot egg waffles (雞蛋仔)

This is one of the oldest snacks in my memory of being in Hong Kong and definitely a must-try specialty for any tourists in the city. They sell these snacks in a lot of places, but my absolute favourite is from 第一城冰站. Make sure your order is made fresh, and the outside will be thin and crispy, while the inside chewy and soft!

第一城冰站 is located in City One plaza, Shatin.


3. Warm Vitasoy soymilk 

Not exactly “street food”, but you get the concept! It’s not hard to sell this winter street food idea: it’s perfectly warm, tastes amazing and can be bought on almost every street corner.

This can be bought at almost any 7/11!


4. Gong Cha’s earl grey or oolong bubble tea

So someone commented on my Instagram post and said “everything tastes good when it’s cold”, and I obviously thought,  “well, not ice cream”. But it was only 12 degrees the other night and somehow an iced cold oolong bubble tea from Gong Cha really did taste amazing! But if icy drinks don’t appeal to you right now, they make hot earl grey or oolong bubble tea too!

Gong Cha is a franchise store opened in numerous locations in Hong Kong, such as Granville road (Tsim Sha Tsui), Li Yuen East St (Central), New Town Plaza (Sha Tin) and more.


5. The classic fish meat siu mai

I’ve got to admit, siu mai would make it to any list I make (best dim sums, best snack, best breakfast, what not). I had this siu mai (pictured above) at 第一城冰站 as well, but honestly most places make decent siu mai. Another one of my favourites is from Snack Express which can be found in several MTR stations (Mong Kok and Tai Po Market come to my mind).

第一城冰站 is located in City One plaza, Shatin.


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