Nostalgic of Bangkok: Best coffee and brunch at Roast

Even for a three-day trip, it’s ok not to eat Thai food every meal you’re in Bangkok for. This city has so much personality that goes far beyond a good meal of local food. Among my first impressions, I thought the city must be made for (and made by) foodies and hipsters. The originality of the coffee shops, dessert cafes and restaurants was truly inspiring and my shallow experience makes me believe that it’s something best experienced through eating “normal food” rather than “authentic Thai”. I mean as a local in Hong Kong, eating “authentic Cantonese” is rarely on my agenda.

So in the first part of “Nostalgic of Bangkok”, I take you through the best ever coffee and brunch meal I had at Roast Coffee & Eatery! It’s definitely the place I’m missing most right now. 


Roasted tomato soup *must order*

This was my second visit to Roast and this soup was the one and only repeated food order from my previous visit. It’s so flavourful and the roasted smell was very pleasantly strong. But my descriptive skills can’t do this justice, so go on and try it for yourself!


Iced espresso latte *must order*

If you’re only going to order one cup of coffee (we ordered two each), THIS is the one you’ll regret not ordering. It’s iced coffee cubes topped with some cold foam, which melts into the milk (on the side) you need to pour in. While this is obviously an “instagrammable” order, its originality is not the reason I am recommending it. The coffee taste is very distinct and strong; you can also adjust how intense you want the coffee by the amount of milk you pour in!


Pulled pork burger

So many others had ordered this signature dish and so I did too! The pork is BBQ-ed and smokey; meat was quite juicy too. While executed very well, this personally didn’t make it to my favourites though.


Heuvos Rancheros

It looked good in the menu but way better in real life! There’s a pretty strong spicy kick to this, which really brings out the flavour of the dish. It’s served with some tortilla. One of my favourite mains here!


Strawberry and cream waffles *must order*

The common stomach would probably struggle to have desserts after the filling mains. To be honest, I stuffed myself silly to have this amazing looking waffle, but it was so worth it! Of course, the combo itself was originally a winner, but they really made every part of it as good as it could be.


Latte piccolo

The earlier coffee ran out too quickly. We didn’t hesitate to order our second cup, as the coffee here is really really good.


Iced matcha float

I’m also shocked at how much two people can actually ingest in one sitting at this place! Matcha drinks tend to be a let down for some reason, but I ordered it anyway! It was definitely much better than most of the matcha drinks I’ve had (whether in Hong Kong or other countries), but not enough matcha taste for me, I’d say. Plus, it’s pretty hard to beat the coffee here.

My no.1 priority in Bangkok

To wrap up, this most certainly is the best brunch spot I’ve been to in my life. I have yet to discover a place with better environment, coffee or food! So even with my tight schedule in Bangkok (and the desire to stuff myself with Pad Thais), I still made sure I paid a visit to Roast! And it was definitely worth it!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of “Nostalgic of Bangkok” which will focus on the best spots for local food!

Roast Coffee & Eatery is located in Seenspace, Thong Lo 13 Alley, which is about 15 minutes walk away from the Thong Lor BTS station. It’s not the most convenient place, and I was struggling between cab or foot. 


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