Best of food, travel and lifestyle in 2014

– Food –
1. Best dinner: Fine dining at French grill (JW Marriot, Hanoi)


A recommendation for all! This is still the best meal I’ve had in all of 2014 (and in my life maybe!). Perfect food, amazing service and comfortable ambience. It was great value-for-money too!

2. Best guilty meal: American brunch and milkshake at The Diner (Hong Kong)


The good and the guilt… All accurately summarised by this photo!

3. Best discovery: Dutch baby pancakes at Wired Cafe (Hong Kong)


Hot and fluffy! I’ve been back more than 5 times since I first discovered this place.

– Travel –
1. Best adventure: Sapa, Vietnam


It was an 11-hour train ride up to this town and a 5-hour muddy hike through tribe villages. The sight was worth all the dirty hours!

2. Best hotel: The Naka Phuket, Thailand

Secluded seaview, quiet and uniquely designed – the most relaxing trip of my 2014!

3.Best photo: Angkor Wat, Cambodia


I’m pretty sure this won’t be the typical scene you see of Angkor Wat. The beauty of this place can be captured from any angle!

– Lifestyle –
1. Best quote: When life throws you lemons, make chocolate cake and leave them wondering how you did it.

2. Best achievement: I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a few years now. I finally made it happen in 2014!

3. Best words for 2015: Do more of what makes you happy!

Happy new year!!!
– Christy

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