Spoilt for choice at MoMo Cafe’s modern lunch buffet

With a wider food selection than most dinner buffets, my bill for MoMo cafe’s lunch buffet came at a more-than very reasonable HK$270 per head (with discounts, see end of article). The food quality was excellent and I was impressed how well they managed to keep their cooked main dishes fresh.

The vibe is modern and comfortable. I loved the beautiful natural lighting that complemented well with the cafe’s wooden refurbishment – a great ambience for larger social and family gatherings!

Japanese cold noodles and fresh sashimi

They have all the standard starter options at this buffet: salad bar, smoked salmon, cold seafood, tomato and buffalo mozzarella, that kind of stuff. But their Japanese station is better equipped than most! They serve three kinds of cold noodles and even yellowtail sashimi (pretty rare at buffets), as part of their fresh selection raw fish!


Outstandingly delicious and freshly cooked mains

Main dishes really stand out here. I tend to avoid main course at buffets, as they tend to be warm and stale, having sat at the counter for 20 mins. But the main dishes here were not only cooked very well, they were replaced often to keep their freshness.

They also have an interesting range of main dishes such as traditional Chinese style glutinous rice with dried meat and the amazing deep fried soft shell crab! That was one of the key highlights for me!


They also had a curry station, meat station, noodle station and more stations…


Dim sum by the basket

It was New Year’s day and we were contemplating whether to go for dim sum. We chose this lunch buffet instead and our yum cha cravings were satisified! They had towers of dim sum baskets, with a lot more than just ‘har gau’ and ‘siu mai’ and you can feel free to take the whole basket to share at your table. I didn’t try them all out (who would?), but the quality is not bad at all – siu mai was delicious while the xiao long baos were so-so.


Noodle station with delicious broth

It’s definitely not uncommon for buffets to offer a soup noodles station, but they make it as delicious as the ones you get at proper noodles stores. The broth was very very tasty (in a legit ingredients non-MSG way). The noodles were cooked al dente and there was a huge range of toppings to choose from: fish ball, beef ball, fish dumplings, pork meat… so on.


Good desserts with crispy waffles and top notch fruit tarts

Overall, desserts were “good” rather than “amazing”. They had the typical range of desserts (cheesecakes, rolls, bread and butter pudding… etc) which tasted decent. But they did have extras too: a waffle station. Their waffles were deliciously crispy and you can choose from four flavours of ice cream to go on top! The winner for me that day was the mini fruit tarts – the fact that I had four of these myself (after all that food!) vouches for the taste!


Value-for-money, high quality and comfortable 

All in all, the food here had quality above many other buffets I’ve had in the past. I loved the comfortable ambience and really felt it was value-for-money.

MoMo cafe is located in Courtyard by Marriott Shatin (1 On Ping Street, Shatin) – it’s near Shek Mun MTR station. There’s a convenient carpark next to the hotel which charges just HK$13 per hour. HSBC and Hang Seng credit cards get 10% off, while HSBC staff get 25% off.


  1. Wow, what a nice buffet. The choice seems to be awesome and it looks so tasty. Seems to be a really great place. I hope you enjoyed it to the utmost 🙂

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