Unique fusion at more-than-ever hipster Mrs. Pound

If you’ve already heard of this recent hipster addition to the Sheung Wan dining scene, then you probably know the curious story about Mrs. Pound being hidden behind the façade of Mr. Ming’s Chinese stamp shop.

Unique and tastefully fused

The fact that you can’t tell that this is a restaurant from the outside (and that you need to push a mysterious stamp to open the door), is probably what makes this place kind of cool. But the selling point for a non-hipster (like me), is that the food is unique and tastefully fused, while not being uncomfortably creative.

Lousy service

The only disappointment of the night was the lousy service as the waiters/waitresses had gotten our order wrong, but refused to replace it unless we paid extra. Then on another occasion had forgotten our order altogether. There were also some funny excuses of “feng shui” being the reason the stereo volume could not be turned down.

Nonetheless, the consensus from our group of five girls, after some contemplating, was that we would still come back for the good food!

Delicious and not-ridiculously-expensive food

The food was great. I hate how some hipster restaurants charge you so much for the smallest portion that you gobble up in less than one bite. Well the portions are still small here, but I didn’t feel like I was totally ripped off.


Sriracha street corn

Simply corn covered in cheese and Sriracha hot sauce – delicious, albeit pretty normal. It reminds me very much of the corn at Brickhouse actually. Each portion comes in twos but we were told that it was not possible to order five corns (the first of many signs of lacking service).


Rendang bao

It’s essentially Indonesian rendang beef inside a Chinese char siu bao! It’s as if the two were a natural intuitive combination! It definitely tasted as good as it sounds.


Laksa bibimbap *must order*

Definitely the winner of the night! They mixed it up and helped us split the serving. The rice was as flavourful as its colour, despite the fact that we actually ordered a vegetarian option (cutting the chicken and spam out).


Sichuan spicy “Mala” (麻辣) wings *must order*

When we were debating whether the good food outweighed poor service, the meat eaters of the table generally thought the Mala wings would be the reason we be back! Its name is definitely misleading though… the wings are hardly spicy. But their crunchy, not too batter-y and not too oily skin was genius, while the juicy meat inside made them closest to perfection in my experience (and I’m a pretty experienced chicken wing eater).

Rendang poutine

The Rendang poutine made us pretty mad!!! Too mad to take photos. We said we just want the cheese on the fries, and could we have beef on the side? They brought both the cheese and beef on the side (you’d understand the request if you had vegetarian friends!) – Oops, misunderstanding. So we asked if they could now put cheese on the fries, but the response was that we’d have to pay HK$30 for it, because the cheese is expensive. Nevermind…

Anyway, the dish was a disappointment in taste as well, as the beef was way too salty and the fries, well were just fries.


Thai milk tea cake 

I love Thai milk tea and this cake was just a clever and great idea! It tasted pretty original and pretty good too. But nothing amazing apart from the fact that the idea was unique.


Traditional cuisines get boring sometimes, so it’s nice to go somewhere with a bit of twist. I love that the food is “fusion”, but not weirdly fusion that you’d get put off by the description itself. The food here sounds good and tastes even better! Bad service is definitely a turn off – I hope they do something about it – but I’d still recommend it and come back!


Mrs. Pound is located on 6 Pound Lane, Sheung Wan. The storefront does not look like one of a restaurant for sure! You gotta find a button in the shape of a stamp beside the door on the bottom left to open it (or just pray someone will come out soon – that’s what happened to me!). It’s around HK$300-400 per person.


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