10 restaurants in Central for lunch dates

Whether your friend is counting on you to suggest a restaurant to catch up, it’s a new team member’s welcome meal or you’re just sick of your lunch choices lately, here are some convenient dining options to consider in Central.

Mezze Maniche (with spicy sausage)

1. CIAK in the Kitchen
Taste: 4/5, Environment: 5/5

  • Conveniently located in Landmark
  • Specialise in Italian homemade pasta; pizzas are delicious too!
  • HK$250 per person

Mushroom ravioli with shrimps and cherry tomato – it sounds pretty normal, but it also had a nice fusion Thai style spicy kick to it!

2. Glasshouse
Taste: 4/5, Environment: 4.5/5

  • Conveniently located on the rooftop of IFC
  • Delicious Asian-western fusion; their calamari and truffle fries are great for sharing.
  • HK$200 per person

A pretty self-explanatory Japanese-style eel rice!

3. Sushi Kuu *must try*
Taste: 5/5, Environment: 4/5

  • Located on 1/F of M88, 2-8 Wellington street
  • Top notch quality sushi, sashimi and Japanese lunch sets (great eel rice!)
  • HK$200 per person

Wagyu beef with chimichurri sauce

4. Fofo by El Willy
Taste: 3/5, Environment: 4/5

  • Located on 20/F of M88, 2-8 Wellington street
  • Not-so-authentic but quite creative Spanish tapas and mains; a lunch set with good variety
  • HK$250 per person

Seafood linguine with cream sauce

5. Open Kitchen
Taste: 3/5, Environment: 5/5

  • Conveniently located on P1 of IFC
  • Western-style set lunch including pastas, risottos, meat, fish (note: don’t confuse with takeaway sandwich and salads counter)
  • HK$250 per person

imageTartufo with brie, parma ham, arugala, tomatoes and truffle sauce

6. Panino Giusto
Taste: 4.5/5, Environment: 4.5/5

  • Conveniently located on P3 of IFC
  • Italian-style sandwiches “Tartufo” is my ultimate favourite – Brie, parma ham, arugala, tomato and truffle oil! They’re super generous with the filling too.
  • HK$100 per person

Shiitake truffle mushroom bun
Photo by Instagram @msc455magic

7. Social Place *must try*
Taste: 5/5, Environment: 4/5

  • Closer to Sheung Wan side of Central, located on 2/F of L place
  • Hip and not-the-typical Cantonese dim sum place, great for sharing; their known for their magic mushrooms, but their baby pigeon is really the winner!
  • HK$150 per person

imageAssorted sashimi rice lunch set

8. Kyoto Joe
Taste: 3.5/5, Environment: 4.5/5

  • Conveniently located on 2/F, 1 Lan Kwai Fong
  • A huge mouth-watering variety of Japanese lunch sets – come here for a bit of everything (sushi, sashimi, udon, rice, tempura)
  • HK$200-$300 per person

imageFish tacos

9. California Vintage
Taste: 4/5, Environment: 3/5

  • Located on 77 Wyndham Street
  • Delicious 3-course lunch set, with tacos and sliders – make sure to order something that comes with their fries!
  • HK$100 per person

imageMy own homemade lunch box: rosemary paprika chicken breast, roasted beef fillet, potatoes and sweet potatoes

10. Roof top of IFC
Environment: depends on the weather!

Finally, if you’re a bit more adventurous and casual, the roof top of IFC is one of my favourite lunch spots. You can either make and bring your own lunch or choose from these delicious takeaway spots:

Taste: 4.5/5

  • Located inside Hong Kong station
  • Korean style burritos “korritos” are my absolute favourite here!
  • HK$50-80

Frey & Ford
Taste: 4

  • Located inside Hong Kong station
  • Pastas, soups or a set of mini sandwiches
  • HK$60-80 per person

Char siu bao – BBQ pork bun!

Tim Ho Wan
Taste: 4

  • Located inside Hong Kong station (expect a relatively long wait, as this is usually jam packed)
  • Traditional Cantonese style dim sum, the world’s cheapest restaurant with a Michelin star!
  • HK$60-100 per person

Happy eating!

Hope you enjoy the above suggestions and stay tuned for more lunch recommendations around Central, Tsim Sha Tsui and Causeway Bay!


  1. Thank you! I also suggest yardbird!

    Although i tried tim ho wan at the hk station and it was not worth all the hype!

    • I love Yardbird too! Although, last time I checked I think they only open for dinner (6pm onwards), do you know if they’ve changed that?

      As for Tim Ho Wan, it’s definitely good dim sum for a great price, but if you have to line up and wait for an hour, then definitely no! Where do you like to go for dim sum? Would love to try more places!

      • I found a not too busy like lin heung but great food nonetheless and more attentive service (luxury for me) nothing fancy and spacious yum cha (rare) Shau Kei Wan called Dong Sing just ask the locals there.

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