Unforgettable short rib burger at Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen

I’ve always been a fan of Gordon Ramsay (Hell’s Kitchen, to be precise) but heard about the crazy waiting time at Bread Street Kitchen on Facebook a few months back, so I decided to wait for the hype to pass instead. I walked in on a week night at about 7pm and chose the bar table over the sharing table, though both looked equally uncomfortable. So let’s just base this review on tastes alone and readers be reminded to make a reservation to enjoy your meal at a proper table!


Tenderly well-seasoned steak tartare with quail egg

Steak tartares in Hong Kong always disappoint. Most of them turn out to be very chewily raw or they just don’t put the right seasoning on it. This must have been the first delicious good quality one I’ve had since I moved back to Hong Kong from London almost five years ago. Both the texture and taste was great and it definitely reminded me of the ones I had back in London – maybe even better!


Refreshing sea bass carpaccio

I obviously love raw food! I’ve never had sea bass raw before, so it’s hard to make comparisons. It tasted fresh and refreshing though. It was on a bed of sauce which I recall to be herb-y and lemon-y.


Flavourfully pattied short rib burger *must order*

The short rib burger definitely had the best patty I’ve had in a burger in Hong Kong – both in terms of quality and execution. The beefy flavour was very sufficiently strong, while meat was juicy and succulent. I always ask for medium rare but sometimes the results are a raw centre. The inside of the patty was quite thoroughly pink, though no part of it had a “raw” taste.

The rest of the burger was pretty amazing too (the sriracha mayo) though the bun could’ve been better, to be critically picky.

Good quality food with an extra oomph; but menu limited

I enjoyed the dishes I ordered and each seem to have fresh quality with some element of surprise. Most notably, the tasty beef in the short rib burger was really distinct and memorable, while dishes were generally prepared (executed) very well.

One complaint would be the overall menu – which doesn’t strike me to be so interesting. It wasn’t one of those that leave you with three dilemmas of which starter, main and dessert to order. I actually didn’t try any desserts that day. That was party because I didn’t go in starving and because the choices didn’t really entice me to grow that second stomach at the end of my main course.

Bread Street Kitchen is located on M/F of Lan Kwai Fong Hotel, 33 Wyndham Street, Central. Dinner was around HK$300-400 per person. 

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