Great combination of coffee and brunch at The Cupping Room

Sheung Wan is always the best place to go for brunch or coffee in Hong Kong – it’s the only area with so much choice. Thankfully, the latest recommendation I’ve been hearing about is pretty good at both. I finally brought myself to this relatively convenient area (Cleverly street) where The Cupping Room is located. Though not the best brunch or best coffee I’ve had, they’re great at the combination of both.

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Cappuccino a tad too creamy for me

Recommended by a lot of Instagrammers and foodies for their coffee, I have been excited to get my weekend caffeine fix here for a while. No doubt my cappuccino looked pretty with the perfect latte art and the texture of the coffee was silky creamy, but I personally like my coffee tasting strong and this one was just a tad too creamy and milky for my loving. I’d say it’s a must-try if you are not a strong-coffee-lover though.


Hong Kong western-style breakfast featuring delicious sourdough

The full brekky here seems clearly tuned for a Hong Kong audience – it’s a lot less oily and fatty than the traditional full English breakfast. Well for one, they use American streaky bacon, so it’s not English for sure (actually I heard the cafe is Australian). However, the portion is also smaller by comparison (notice the tiny sausages). The scrambled eggs were runny and nicely undercooked. But my favourite touch to my order was the sourdough toast. I usually abandon my toasts, but the sourdough was easily the first thing I cleared from this plate.


Delicious creamy carbonara with onsen egg

The Hong Kong-western style comment is pretty relevant to the spaghetti carbonara too. I suppose because the sauce was not as thick and eggy as the traditional sauce; it was more creamy and runny – easier on the stomach. Onsen egg topping is always welcomed by me and was a great complement to the dish.

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Comfortable cafe or brunch spot with great choices

The Cupping Room is nicely located in Sheung Wan. Unlike the other tiny hipster coffee shops, it’s not too far from the MTR station. It’s located on a side street (Cleverly street), so the environment outside is pretty chilled and pleasant. Their menu is short and sweet – the omelette sandwich and smoked salmon toast also featured the much-loved sourdough toast and looked pretty delicious from my spying on other customers. Their coffee is pretty good – I’m sure many would love it, but it won’t be those who like their coffees strong.

If you like strong coffee, I’d suggest to take a few steps down Jervois Street to Barista Jam.

The Cupping Room is located on Cleverly Street in Sheung Wan. They don’t do reservations (it’s a cafe) – though they were pretty full, it was not hard to find a seat for two on a Saturday afternoon. It’s about HK$150 per person. 

Barista Jam is located on 126-128 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan.


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