Quick burgers and korritos at Kobab & Koshi in Central

I usually make sure I get out of the office for lunch, even if it’s a short one. I headed over to Wo On Lane (tucked within Lan Kwai Fong) in Central and decided to try this relatively new Korean fusion gourmet fast food. Good reviews and photos of their juicy burger was what arouse my initial attention, but at 2pm, it was the chicken korrito that left me happy even before the long weekend had started!


Juicy tender burger

At this place, if not korrito, then burger. So between the two of us, we ordered those. They didn’t ask me how I wanted my patty cooked and so I was a bit regretful when I realised 5 minutes after I ordered. Nevertheless, it was no disaster that the beef was cooked well done as the patty was not dry at all (as it often is when well done) – it was extremely delicious and juicy; quite flavourful too. The only tiny complaint is that the burger was a little too greasy for me (but we are eating burgers and fries, to be fair).

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Flavourfully spicy Chicken korrito *must order*

Packed with flavours and a lot of ingredients, I loved how this burrito had that spicy tasting rice and Korean flare to it. Now I’m no expert capable of listing out those ingredients (hey, the photo says a lot already), but funnily, purple sweet potato is among that list! Oh and they have a lunch deal where fries and a drink come with your order too (for HK$95 I think).


Complimentary honey fried chicken with rice cakes

Happy Chinese New Year! It’s the holiday times and so we were offered free fried chicken. The sauce was spot on! Though the batter on the chicken may be a little too overwhelming for some. Deep fried rice cakes is a funny thing too, but not the ideal way I like it cooked.

Easy, breezy (just a little greasy) casual meal

Find a seat on their high chairs, make your order at the counter and enjoy a juicy meal! I like this place for being fuss-free (it was not packed when I visited during lunch hours), friendly and value-for-money, especially for Central standards. The food is tasty and portions very reasonable – the bottom line is it’s an excellent place for a quick catch up and casual meal.

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Kobab & Koshi is located on 6 Wo On Lane (Lan Kwai Fong area), Central. It was about HK$100 per person (excluding beer, duh) for lunch, but their menu is the same for dinner just without the set. No wait time during lunch. 

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