Try this: Green tea cheesecake and Thai tea from Teakha

Located up the hill from Hollywood Road in the trendy area of Sheung Wan – what some call PoHo – the surroundings of hipster tea cafe Teakha is quite relaxed. It’s too bad that Hong Kong rents are so high that these places can’t afford to be spacious and have a comfortable interior at the same time! There are only limited and tiny seats available. But the food offerings here are legit, worth the trek and perhaps worth the uncomfortable seating too!


Authentic low sugar Thai milk tea (HK$38)

I’ve had lots of trouble finding authentic Thai milk tea outside of Bangkok but this one is spot on the real deal. In fact it tastes even better than many of the ones I tried during my trips to Thailand. One thing I love about it is that they make it not very sweet by default! Just gotta live with the fact that it’s kind of overpriced.

Best green tea cheesecake in Hong Kong (HK$42)

I love all things matcha and green tea! This must be the best green tea cheesecake I’ve had to date – the texture is quite smooth and soft, while the crust retains a crunch. There’s a good balance between cheese and matcha taste, though I’d personally prefer a more over powering matcha taste!

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Teakha is located on 18 Tai Ping Shan Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. It’s pretty far up the hill – I took a cab!

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