Pololi: Hawaiian-style tuna sashimi for healthy takeaway lunch

Pololi has (literally) added colour to Central for lunch takeaway options. I usually turn to Pret or some sushi box from City Super when I’m attempting to eat something a little cleaner, but Pololi definitely beats those boring and outdated options to promise a non-guilty, refreshing yet satiating meal.


They have a few tuna variations (spicy, mixed with avocado, mayo etc.) and vegetarian ones too. This “poke” is served on top of white/brown rice and/or salad. I went with the half and half option – half brown rice, half salad – which I highly recommend.

It’s primarily a takeaway store, but they also have about four high seats facing the wall (not really a lunch date kind of place) – I did manage to get a seat though as most patrons were takeaway-ers. When I visited, they were only serving tuna and veg options, but I heard they are exploring other fishes too (I overheard mention of salmon and yellowtail!!!)


Pololi is located on 35 Graham Street, Central. The bowl I had – Tuna poke with half and half – cost HK$90.

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