Tasmania: Where to eat the best fresh oysters?

I loved Tasmania for its fresh seafood and local produce – I randomly bought one tomato from Woolworths supermarket to eat with a salad and it was, no exaggeration, the best I’ve tasted. But I’d be casually citing cliches if I said it was “hard to name the best” food or meal I had in Tas – the most epic and memorable was no question the oysters!

Between two of us, we ate exactly 11 dozens of oysters during our 9 day trip. Actually, that number is not impressive at all, considering how fresh and cheap they were. In Hong Kong, oysters from the supermarket cost about HK$30-70 for one. In Tasmania, they’re as cheap as HK$7 for one. Now you might start to understand why I regret not stuffing myself more during my trip.

To be honest, anywhere in Tasmania, the oysters will probably taste amazing simply because they are fresh. Anyhow, here’s a quick list on where to get the cheapest and freshest oysters, which may even tempt you to visit Tasmania for yourself too. And if you do, you may want to check out Lonely Planet’s Travel Guide (links to Amazon), which is what we used.

(I do get commission if you purchase via this link, but I genuinely loved it!)

1. Get Shucked, Bruny Island

Takeaway: AUD14 per dozen (HKD84)
Eat in: AUD16 per dozen (HKD96)

Get Shucked arguably serves the best oysters in Tasmania. They are simply fresh, cheap and served at a comfortable cute-looking cafe. Definitely the best value-for-money oysters I had!

Oysters from Get Shucked, Bruny Island

2. Pacific Oysters, St Helens

Takeaway: AUD14 per dozen
Eat in: It’s literally an oysters farm; they don’t do sit downs

We passed by a sign saying “Pacific Oysters” on our way from St Helens to Binalong Bay (Bay of Fires) and drove in to see what the deal was. Many people were buying packs of these oysters to takeaway. They didn’t even have forks. We ripped open the package and ate the oysters with our fingers at the carpark. So unforgettable and recommended!

Oysters at St Helens, Binalong Bay

3. Freycinet Marine Farm, Coles Bay

Eat in/Takeaway: AUD18 per dozen or AUD20 per dozen of jumbo oysters (HKD108/120)

The jumbo oysters were so big and definitely worth that extra two bucks. We tried both versions and they were both just as tasty and fresh. The only complaint is that they don’t remove the ‘meat’ from their shell completely (you have to fork it out yourself) and they were a little bit sandy/shelly.

Oysters from Freycinet Marine Farm, Coles Bay

4. Barilla Bay Oyster Farm, Hobart

Eat in: AUD24 per dozen (HKD144)

Located 1 min away from Hobart airport, this was (obviously) our first stop after touchdown in Tasmania. We had made it just in time before their restaurant closed for lunch (at 2:30pm). We were less boring when at Barilla and tried different toppings – salmon caviar and gin & tonic sorbet. The former was pretty epic and a must try. The latter was very refreshing, but nothing spectacular. Honestly, I’d go with natural, after trying the salmon caviar once.

They do takeaways at a lower price too – which is opened until 6pm.

Oysters from Barilla Bay Oysters Farm, Hobart

5. Mures Lower Deck, Hobart

Eat in/Takeaway: AUD25 (HKD150)

If it’s your last day in Hobart and it’s past 6pm (hence No. 6 Barilla Bay is closed) and you’re desperate for that last dozen of oysters before you leave, then coming to Mures Lower Deck would be an appropriate choice. To be fair, they serve oysters at many dinner places, but they obviously charge a premium (usually over AUD30 per dozen). At Mures, it’s slightly cheaper since it’s a self-serve casual place. Plus, they still taste great.

Oysters from Mures Lower Deck, Hobart

More than an oyster wonderland

Fresh oysters (seafood) is one of Tasmania’s many highlights. If shoving down dozens of dozens of oysters is not the ideal way you’d like to spend your core leave, there’s obviously much more than that – among which include fresh other foods, great wines, whisky and amazing natural scenery.

For the foodies out there, here are 7 other food-related things you need to do in Tasmania, including one of my favourite pasta-making experiences at Red Feather Inn.


  1. Bruny Island oysters never disappoint – we believe it’s the colder waters of the Great Southern Ocean that gives them their special quality; the taste of the sea. Your oyster review is a very accurate and informed list. Congratulations on your comprehensive research, it’s a tough life but someone’s got to do it!

    • Hey there! Thanks for leaving a comment and glad you agree with my oysters comments haha. I hadn’t thought about the temperature having an effect but definitely makes sense to me! Are you from Tasmania yourself?

      • Hey Freddy, thanks for your interest in my 9-day itinerary! Please check out 7 Reasons Why Every Foodie Should Visit Tasmania instead! As I was writing my itinerary out, it got a bit too tedious to read. But this article essentially outlines the “must-do” activities. In short, I spent 4 days in Launceston (incl. a day trip to Bay of Fire), 2 days in Coles Bay and 3 days in Hobart! Let me know if you want to know more details 🙂

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