Tasmania: Fresh Local Breakfast with Delicious Coffee at Blue Bar Cafe

Update: Blue Bar Cafe is now unfortunately closed

In general, fresh food is good food and Blue Bar Cafe exemplifies this rule. They use the freshest ingredients in their dishes and then cook it to perfection too. That, along with the fact that they served the best coffee of all the places we went to over our 9-day adventure in Tasmania (that must equate to more than 15 different coffees…), is why it’s the most unforgettable cafe we visited during our trip.


Smoked salmon on homemade sourdough toast and scrambled eggs

You can see the smoked salmon was unusually thick cut; it also tasted different from the ones we usually get in Hong Kong (usually Norwegian or Scottish). But most importantly, it was super fresh, to the point that it wasn’t weird that they didn’t squeeze some lemon juice on top. Served on top of a delicious sourdough toast and next to creamy slow cooked scrambled eggs, this must have been the best quality gourmet version of my favourite breakfast combo, I love to spoil myself with at home.


Proscuitto and herbs croquette with poached eggs and asparagus

We also got the croquettes with poached eggs and asparagus – which, unlike the first dish, is completely not something I could ever make at home! The poached eggs were executed very well, as were the croquettes. All in all, a slightly more interesting breakfast set that’d definitely satisfy the mass.

Flat white in a mug

Best coffee we had in Tasmania

Blue Bar Cafe was probably where I had my second coffee in Tasmania. I was starting to wonder whether amazing coffee was just the norm there (and us Hong Kong peeps had been getting it all wrong). Well there was a lot of amazing coffee in Tas, but it turns out the best one I had was at my first breakfast stop at Blue Bar Cafe. My cappuccino was perfectly strong, with good frothy milk and dense cocoa powder on top – exactly my cup of coffee!

Blue Bar Cafe is located on 2-4 Invermay Road, Invermay TAS 7248. Phone:+61 3 6334 3133. Its entrance is not exactly on the main road; you’ll have to turn into a nearby carpark at a roundabout to see the cafe. 

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