Gourmet food delivered to your door or desk with foodpanda

Food delivery used to equate to regretfully eating one too many pizzas, KFCs or McNuggets. For the sake of health and my waist, that’s probably why I haven’t ordered delivery in years. But recently foodpanda has caught my attention; it’s an online food delivery service, where you can order restaurant food from a pretty impressively large number of outlets (at least around Central). They deliver it to your door (or office building, in my case).

With the weather getting a little more unbearably hot, humid and stuffy by the day, I have increasingly less willingness to sweat 15 minutes in Central to find a good lunch spot. Ordering through foodpanda is one way to address my heat-averse problems. It’s also a great alternative for those who have to often eat at their desks.


Ordering from Social Place (L Place)

So the other day I ordered dim sum from Social Place and had it delivered to my office. The food quality was surprisingly close to what you’d get at the restaurant. I expected a little bit of sogginess (from the steam) in my bun and slightly soggy noodles. To my surprise, the food was very fresh and delicious when delivered, though obviously not as hot as you would get it at the restaurant.


Truffle shitake bun

Dressed up as a shitake mushroom, this truffle bun is one of Social Place’s signature items. It’s very mushroomy in taste and one of my favourite dim sums to have as an appetiser/side dish.

White baby pigeon

Social place makes the best baby pigeon I’ve had. The meat is extremely juicy, tender and flavourful. It was still delicious when delivered, though the skin did lose a bit of crisp to it.


Dan dan noodles with chicken chop *must order*

The dan dan noodles here are delicious! Its taste is very well balanced: flavourful, a bit spicy and quite peanutty. I ordered the noodles with this breadcrumbed chicken chop, just because it sounded much more epic that way.The noodles portion was quite small, but the monstrous size of the chicken chop more-than-compensates here. I couldn’t even finish half of it.

Thankfully, they separate the noodles from the soup when they packed my delivery order, so the noodles were still al dente and not soggy.

The actual restaurant (Social Place 唐宮小聚) is located on 2/F, The L Place, 137-141 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong. It was also featured in 10 restaurants in Central for lunch date



Easy-to-use convenient foodpanda mobile app

They’re mobile app is easy to use; it even saves you time from entering your full address. They usually do free delivery once you’ve reached a minimum amount (typically HK$100, which is most often do-able), however they charge a 10% service charge per order, though I thought that was pretty acceptable. My whole order came up to HK$220 for those 4 items I ordered.

They also have the following promotions you can ride on:

  • 20% off your first mobile order
  • 25% off during tea time (voucher code: TTFP)
  • Donate HK$25 of your order to ORBIS (voucher code: ORBIS25)

Enjoy your lazy but still delicious meal!

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