Hugo’s: Quality food and service qualified to impress

I didn’t treated my parents to dinner when I got my first paycheck (oops), nor when I got a new job thereafter twice. So when I got my bonus this year, the long-awaited treat had to be big, bold and worth the wait. Hugo’s at Hyatt Regency (Tsim Sha Tsui) turned out to be the perfect place for such occasion, serving a photogenic lunch with excellent quality food and service. It really is just a great spot for any occasion that requires to be slightly fancy and impressive.


The bread: So good it’s worth the mention

The bread basket was beautifully presented and had several choices in it. I only managed to have the garlic bread and a bite of the baguette, given that I was saving my stomach for the big meal to come. The garlic bread was definitely the crowd pleaser; it was warm when served, toasted crunchily and swabbed with a generous amount of butter and garlic.


Starters: Fresh and quality ingredients from the trolley

I love buffets because you can be greedy and eat 50 different things in one sitting, but hate it because quality compromise is a given. So this “Selection from the Trolley” idea is kind of the perfect in-between. You can choose from a decent selection but every item is very fresh. Despite filling our plates like greedy buffet-ers, we left nothing behind.

There’s also an option to order Soup of the Day which was a fish soup that day. It was delicious and full of natural flavours but still less outstanding compared with the trolley selection. The freshness and quality of the smoked salmon, parma hams and tomatoes is something you must try instead.


Main course: Roast beef worth the extra bucks and pre-order fuss

There’s a pretty good range of main dishes to choose from but most of us ordered the roast beef because it costs more and requires pre-ordering one day in advance, which means it musts be good (right!?). Turns out that market pricing logic did apply at Hugo’s. It was easily the best roast beef I’ve had in my life. The texture was extremely tender in an almost melt-in-your-mouth way; the meat was juicy, full of beefy flavour and each portion had good proportions of meat and fat. It probably means I will never be able to go back to those mediocre dry-ish and chewy ones usually served at buffets.

Though at first glance, the portion looked a little stingy, it was realistically more than enough for me (considering the huge plate of starters and desserts that the set lunch comes with).


Desserts: Decent selection of cakes, fruits and cheese

Continuing to be the greedy self I was that day (or at most meals), I was planning to eat every dessert on that beautiful trolley. Unfortunately, or fortunately for the sake of not gaining 100 lbs, you can only choose two cakes. There are no limits on the fruits, macarons and cheese though.

I must admit my expectations for desserts were pretty high at this point given how good the starters and mains were. As such, as philosophy dictates, the desserts ended up being a bit disappointing. They were still really good; I was just expecting something amazeballs-amazing. The mille feuille and macarons were really delicious, while the cheesecake was so-so. Although I often feel it’s not “worth it” to eat fruits at a buffet-type place, their fruits were super fresh and sweet.


Fancy, beautiful, delicious – great for occasions!

Overall we had a great time and all agreed that we’d come again. The variety of choices in the set lunch menu means that it’s likely to cater to a pretty wide audience. I loved the trolley idea, allowing you to customise what you want for your starters, without the havoc of getting out of your seat to pick your own food at a crowded buffet.

The lunch set costs HK$405 (excluding service charge) and includes starters, one main dish, desserts and coffee/tea. If you order the roast beef, the set costs HK$540; you also have to pre-order your roast beef the day before.

Hugo’s is located in Hyatt Regency on 18 Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui (on top of K11). Phone:3721 7733. A lunch set would cost HK$450-600, excluding wine. This lunch set is only available on Mondays to Saturdays; they serve brunch at a higher price (HK$700+) on Sundays. It wasn’t busy at all when I visited on a Saturday, but reservations are recommended.

For a more casual weekend brunch/lunch spot, check out The Diner, Blue Butcher and The Cupping Room.

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