Casa Lisboa: Real Portuguese food in Heart of Hong Kong

I never thought I was a fan of Portuguese food. After sampling most of the popular ones in Macau, I decided I didn’t like any. But apparently Portuguese food is quite different from Macanese food, the latter is of course what you’d find in Macau instead. Still without knowing the differences, my meal at Casa Lisboa has definitely reignited my interest for this cuisine again!

With so many new restaurants opening up in Hong Kong, the result has been a lot of Mexican and Asian fusion food to digest lately. So it was a welcomed alternative to go for some traditional European cuisines, which are still relatively rare in Hong Kong, like Rustico (Spanish) and more recently, Casa Lisboa (Portuguese). Plus, at Casa Lisboa, they’ve added a few really good new items to their menu since my last visit about a year or two ago.


[NEW] Creamy Bacalhau Cassoulet – HK$90 *must order*

Bacalhau is dried salted cod and is used frequently in the Spanish and Portuguese kitchen. This is one of the several new items they’ve introduced recently. Think of the cod, potatoes and cream mixed together and then baked until a crispy golden crust forms at the top. This traditional Portuguese dish is usually served as a main course, but given that it’s quite filling (all that cream and carbs), I definitely approve that they serve it as an appetiser here, so you can save your stomach for more main dishes.


Classic Codfish Cakes – HK$100 (4 pcs) *must order*

This has to be the best cod cakes I’ve had. I loved that they’re so generous with the bacalhau (dried salted cod), so that the cod cakes don’t taste too potato-y or flour-y. The outside was super thin, but still retained a good crisp, while the inside was extremely soft. That along with the garlic aioli they serve it with makes it one of my favourite dishes here!


[NEW] “Santos Populares” Style Baby Sardines – HK$120

Sardines usually don’t interest me much, but I surprisingly liked this dish a lot, as it was much more about the textures, than the fish. The sardines were deep fried til super crispy and served atop some roasted onions, sweet bell pepper and toast. The combination was full of texture and made for a pretty interesting and delicious starter.


Baked Portuguese Duck Rice – HK$220 *must order*

This is one of their signature items, and not discovering it on my first visit is definitely the reason I didn’t come back sooner! The rice grains are very al dente and “separate” (from each other), giving the overall dish a very pleasant texture. The rice itself was extremely full of duck essence flavour, mixed with small shreds of duck meat and then baked to create a slight crisp to the top layer. The rice itself may look boring, but it’s so full of flavour that the chorizo on top is not even a necessary addition. This would be my no. 1 recommendation here!


[NEW] Poached Fresh Atlantic Cod – HK$250

Though bacalhau – dried salted cod – is signature to Portuguese cuisine, nothing beats fresh seafood! The fresh Atlantic cod tasted extremely fresh. It was slow cooked perfectly, so that the meat was extremely smooth and juicy on the inside, while the skin at the bottom was still crispy. It was also served with some herby tomato sauce, though I didn’t care too much for that. Fresh fish by itself is good enough for me.


Traditional Seafood Cataplana Stew – HK$450

The seafood stew was the most expensive item I tried that day, which is not surprising because I know anything seafood is pricey. While there was a good variety of seafood (mussels, squid, octopus, prawns, lobster) served in a very flavourful and herby sauce, the dish was still relatively normal and didn’t impress too much. I’d suggest seafood cravers to skip the seafood stew and go for that really fresh cod instead.

[NEW] Iberico Pork Tenderloin with Mushroom rice – HK$260

The Iberico pork tenderloin was another new dish on their menu. I loved the mushroom rice – it kind of reminded me of a very flavourful mushroom risotto. The pork tenderloin was only typical though.


Roasted Suckling Pig – HK$280

I always order roasted suckling pig without fail when I’m at any Spanish or Portuguese restaurant and the one at Casa Lisboa is definitely among the best I’ve had. They’re pretty generous with their portions, as each piece is full of meat. Given how heavy it is, it’s definitely a plate to be shared.

Excellent spot for traditional Portuguese food – Lunch & Dinner

Overall, Casa Lisboa is a great spot in the heart of Hong Kong (LKF Tower, Central) for truly traditional Portuguese food. There were many impressive dishes that I’ll definitely be going back for, such as the Bacalhau Cassoulet, Codfish Cakes and Baked Duck Rice. They also offer similar dishes during lunch and their lunch set is quite reasonably priced at HK$190 per person, including a starter, main, dessert and tea/coffee.

Casa Lisboa Portuguese Restaurant & Bar
8/F, LKF Tower
33 Wyndham Street

Phone: 2905 1168

Spend per person: HK$200 for lunch/HK$500 for dinner

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