Stone Nullah Tavern: Hearty American Food and Crazy Happy Hours

After writing about the 5 Restaurants Worth Revisiting Again and Again, a few food-loving peeps seemed to unanimously agree that Stone Nullah Tavern should be included too. Well after hearing much about their great new menu, I finally gave it a try last week.

So many dishes to recommend

The fact that I’m having so much difficulty in avoiding labelling all dishes *must order*, is evidence of how consistently outstanding the dishes served here are.

You can expect an extremely satisfying meal here, that’ll most certainly force you to skip breakfast the next day. Plus, the cocktails are also great!


Buffalo oysters *must order*

These have got to be the best cooked oysters I’ve ever had. They were deep fried but the inside was cooked perfectly – still soft and juicy. They were placed atop spicy buffalo wings sauce then covered in a blue cheese sauce. The description itself left us salivating enough, but even that was an undersell!


Nachos with crispy pig ears *must order*

This was one dish I could not stop continuously digging at. The nachos are homemade and taste great, while they’re super generous with the toppings of sour cream and salsa (that can never go wrong!). The use of crispy pig ears alludes to the chef’s philosophy of “nose-to-tail” cooking. Indifferent to that, it was crispy bacon with an even better crunchy texture to me!


BBQ chicken pizza

The BBQ chicken pizza was good too and the abundance of deep fried onions on top definitely spiced up an otherwise-pretty-standard pizza. The sauce was sweet and base was nice; while I enjoyed the pizza 100%, given the amazement resulting from devouring the other starters, this was relatively normal (though still delicious).


Mac n cheese

After seeing photos of their mac n cheese, this was the number one thing I was looking forward to all evening. Despite not labelling it to be a *must order* item, I’m sure you’ll order it anyway – that yolk I kept seeing on Instagram was irresistible to me too. The mac n cheese was creamy, cheesy and did not disappoint the high expectations that had been exponentially growing in my heart for about two weeks. While I’d definitely order this one again, the other main course dishes (below) stole the limelight.


Maple BBQ glazed baby back ribs *must order*

I heard the baby back ribs were a lot of people’s favourite when coming here – I was not as pumped for this dish as others since I’m generally not a fan of ribs. But objectively speaking (if that’s possible in food), this has to be the best main dish here. The meat was so tenderly soft, that it slipped off, effortlessly leaving the bones clean and shiny. There was a good portion of fat and meat there and the flavours were well immersed into the meat.

Fish and chips with black cod *must order*

It’s my dream come true to meet a dish of fish and chips using cod! This is my second favourite fish after salmon, but salmon doesn’t taste great as a fried battered fish, so this has to be the best fish and chips I could ask for. The batter was relatively thin, while the cod was super juicy, smooth and flavourful.


Whole Southern fried chicken

I had already sampled many guilt-inducing dishes that night, but this one has to be the most extreme. In spite of that, I could not help but reach for a huge piece of upper chicken thigh and of course cleaned it to the bones. The meat was extremely juicy, but that might be because I took the most fatty part of the chicken. Others did say their part was slightly dry (the breast).



Happy hour deal starting from HK$1

Though much of the focus has been placed on Stone Nullah Tavern’s hearty food, there’s also a lot to be said about their drinks. The two cocktails I tried were both delicious but the tomojito is the one I couldn’t stop “this is sooooo yummy”-ing about. It’s made with tomato and chili infused vodka and one would expect the drink to be red, but it’s not made with tomato juice. The tomato and chili flavours are pleasantly subtle and is supplemented well with refreshing lime.

The best selling point has to be their crazy happy hour deal. Drinks cost only HK$1 (yes, Hong Kong dollar!!!) at 5pm and then doubles every 20 mins (i.e. HK$2 at 5:20pm and HK$4 at 5:40pm so on). Though 5pm is not an easy time for most people, but I’ll make it a mission to make it there for a delicious one buck drink some time this year!

Stone Nullah Tavern
69 Stone Nullah Lane,
Wan Chai

Phone: 3182 0128

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