Get HK$450 of Free Food on Sugar (offer ended)

Update (9 Aug 2015): This promotion has now ended. Thank you all for the interest and stay tuned/subscribe for more updates, reviews and offers!

I’ve been trying out a mobile app called Sugar for a few months now and it’s been a great tool for generating ideas on what and where new to eat.

If you haven’t started using it already, now is the best time to do so as they are running a series of promotions, where any new user can get HK$450 of free credit (no strings attached, a limited time offer!). You can freely spend it on items at a wide range of restaurants and cafes. Plus, on the app, the food or drinks are redeemed at a discounted price so there really is nothing to lose!

Step 1


Enter your mobile no.
Enter this code: LOLLERL

Step 2

Download the app on your phone (link)

Step 3

Sign up with your mobile no. and a password

How do I get HK$450?

  • You will be sent a top-up code through SMS in about 2-3 days, enter it in Account>Sugar Credit>Top up code and HK$100 will be credited to your account
  • “Buy” HK$300 of free credit at HK$0 in the app and you will receive another top up code by SMS
  • HK$50 is in your account by default
You will receive a top up code via SMS – enter the code here!
“Buy” the Sweet July promotion for HK$0 to get HK$300 in free credit. You will also receive a top up code via SMS.

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