Bun Cha Vietnamese: Best Beef Pho in Hong Kong

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Vietnamese food, specifically pho bo is one of my favourite kinds of comfort food. But coming across a good bowl of beef pho is not the norm when eating Vietnamese in Hong Kong. Usually you get served Chinese ho fun noodles that’s gone just a little too soft with a few slices of uninspiring overcooked beef.

Nha Trang and Bep (featured in 5 Restaurants Worth Revisiting Again and Again) are probably among the tiny handful of Vietnamese restaurants in Hong Kong serving pretty decent bowls of pho.

But the best one I’ve had (and it was only as recent as last week) has to be the one from Bun Cha Vietnamese Cafe & Restaurant. I think it’s opened by a Vietnamese woman (who you’ll likely see in there), operated by Vietnamese staff and all this authentic-ness shows in the taste of the food.


Beef Pho *must order*

It’s really hard to capture how good this pho bo tasted in a photo. Some telling factual descriptions include: they use actual pho which was still very al dente when served, I think I drank half of the soup base and the beef was medium rare (that you can see) and fatty.

Tastes aside, it’s also a good portion at a very reasonable price of HK$68!


Cha Nem (Spring rolls)

One bowl of pho bo each was an instant decision we made before even sitting down. But I always struggle on what else to order at any Vietnamese restaurant. The waitress enthusiastically approved of the Cha Nem (spring rolls wrapped in lettuce) and it turned out to be an excellent recommendation.


Banh Mi (Sandwich)

She also said the Banh Mi is very good here so we took her suggestion again. There was some very juicy pork meat in there with a whole bunch of other stuff that made the sandwich very tasty. Though honestly I’ve probably only had Banh Mi one other time in my life, and the beef pho had left me too in awe to judge anything else…

Bun Cha Vietnamese Cafe & Restaurant
41-49 Aberdeen St

Phone: 2858 1990

Spend per person: HK$150-200


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