7 Reasons Why Every Foodie Should Visit Tasmania

“Isn’t it boring?” was my colleague’s first reaction when I told her I was going to Tasmania over Easter. But even more unexpectedly, she wasn’t the last to give that exact reaction.

Although one whole week (nine days for me) in Tas may not be everyone’s ideal holiday, it was one of my most unforgettable and enjoyable trips, filled with nature and of course food. For the seven reasons below, it’s definitely an amazing place for food lovers like me.


1. Eat oysters straight from an oyster farm

Fresh oysters were the number one most unforgettable highlight of my trip to Tasmania. They were the freshest oysters I’ve had in my life and the cheapest too. The best were from Get Shucked, which cost AUD14 per dozen. Read about where to eat the best ones here.


2. Join a cooking class at the beautiful Red Feather Inn

Everywhere in Tasmania is natural and beautiful. Located just out of the second largest (still very small) town of Launceston, Red Feather Inn retains historical charm and yet has a modern stylish touch to it. It’s a wonderfully peaceful setting for a great cooking class led by their chef. Read about my personal experience here.


3. Make use of cheap local produce to cook impressive meals

Fresh food is always good food. Most of the local produce you buy at supermarkets will be super fresh and cheap. We tried their berries, yogurt, steak, salad, salmon and way more. Take advantage of this to cook yourself a good meal! Hotel Charles in Launceston is a great and affordable hotel with a kitchenette.


4. Devour some excellent quality steak for an affordable price

I usually order USDA steak – they tend to be grain-fed, have good marbling and hence is always much more flavourful than their Australian counterpart. But for some reason the steaks I had in Tasmania were comparably flavourful to some of the best US steaks I’ve had. Ball & Chain looks a little old fashioned but serves excellent steak which cost me only AUD37 (medium scotch fillet). Quality-wise, it’s definitely on par with the AUD150 steak meals you find in Hong Kong!

You could also buy a decent cut of steak from the supermarket for a small fraction of that price.


5. Brunch the sunny mornings away

It has to be the cool sunny weather and vacation vibes that make brunching an activity apt for (almost) every one of my mornings in Tasmania. Of course it also helps that there are so many great breakfast spots which serve fresh local produce – you have to try the smoked salmon from Blue Bar Cafe. Stillwater Restaurant is another one in Launceston that’s a must-visit.


6. Bring home uniquely Tasmanian raw leatherwood honey

Tasmania produces a lot of amazing produce and these can be sampled at the popular Salamanca Market (Saturdays) or the food specific Tas Farm Gate market (Sunday mornings). Kate Berry’s no sugar added raspberry jam is absolutely unforgettable. For a unique souvenir, taste and bring back a jar of raw leatherwood honey. This type of honey can only be found in Tas and it has a unique woody aroma – I brought back three jars and finished them in two weeks!


7. Alcoholise yourself at vineyards or distilleries

Tasmania is home to a long list of vineyards and numerous distilleries too. The Tasmanian Distillery is the maker of World’s Best Single Malt Whisky in 2014, Sullivan’s Cove, and their boutique distillery promises to give you an enthusiastic and in-depth tour. Even if you don’t get to visit any vineyards or distilleries, Milton’s Pinot Noir and The House of Arras‘ sparkling white wines are must-trys.

And if you do plan to visit Tasmania, you may want to check out Lonely Planet’s Travel Guide (links to Amazon), which is what we used.

(I do get commission if you purchase via this link, but I genuinely loved it!)


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