Scarlett: Chacuterie Boards and Oysters Deal in Tsim Sha Tsui

It’s always hard to find a good restaurant for birthdays or small group gatherings in Tsim Sha Tsui, unless you go for the fancy (read: expensive) ones atop The One or in some hotel (though I do often splash out at Morton’s). Otherwise you’re left with an overly casual restaurant with good food but doesn’t do reservations or will make you leave within 1.5 hours.

Striking a pretty good balance between affordability and ambience is Scarlett, a new French cafe hidden on Austin Avenue (off Kimberley Road). Regardless, with the numerous “deals” they do on weekdays, there are many reasons to give this place a shot.


Signature 1-meter chacuterie board – HK$368 *must order*

The signature 1-meter board is exactly that perfect sharing item for a group of about 4-6 people. On this board, they serve several cuts of ham and cheese, as well as an interesting pork spread. The bread they serve is also excellent, which is great to go along this huge sharing starter. Priced at HK$368, they’re not stingy with content at all – there are 5 hams, 5 cheeses and 1 pate. Though four is really the realistic minimum number of people you’d have to share it with (unless you don’t plan to eat a proper dinner).


Fines de Claires Oysters – HK$168 (6 pcs)

Of course the oysters at Scarlett were not as fresh as the ones straight out of the ocean (see 7 Reasons Why Every Foodie Should Visit Tasmania), but they serve the delicious Fines de Claires (from France). They taste pretty good and for once, were decently priced at HK$158 for six. Plus on Wednesdays from 6pm onwards, this comes with half a bottle of white wine too. Purchase-able (in terms of price) oysters are so rare in Hong Kong!


Bargain Lunch Set Deal – HK$98 for 3 courses

Apart from super attractive oysters deals they do on Wednesdays, their daily lunch set is also more than reasonable. They do a three course lunch set for HK$98 (HK$88 for two) and the fish and chips is part of it.

It’s not the typical British beer battered type of fish and chips, but it was no less yummy. The fish meat was super soft and juicy and the chips tasted like they were freshly cut and not super fried.


Apple fine tart – HK$68 *must order*

The pastry of the apple fine tart was served hot and tasted fresh and buttery. It was a great contrast to the really smooth and milky vanilla ice cream on top!


Fancier-than-casual, great for group gatherings

I loved the restaurant decor (I know you can’t eat that but it is can be important for selected occasions and people) and the vibe of Scarlett. The food is good and reasonably priced – I also heard they do breakfasts which seemed very inexpensive too. Just as a fair warning though, all their seats are elevated, but more comfortable (more butt surface) than bar stools for sure.

Another potential drawback is that the restaurant is a bit of a walk from the MTR (5 mins from Jordan and more from TST), so it’s not the ideal location for lunch if you’re a Central-worker like me. See 5 Great Asian Lunch Spots in Tsim Sha Tsui for Under HK$100 for more bargain lunch deals.

Scarlett Cafe & Wine Bar
2 Austin Avenue
Tsim Sha Tsui

Phone: 3565 6513


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