Viet Kitchen: New Menu Items Better than the Pho

When I first visited Viet Kitchen, I was pumped for the beef pho, having read some good reviews. I was ultimately a tad disappointed because it wasn’t really my kind of pho. While the beef soup base was outstandingly full of flavours, it was the soft pho and beef cuts that I didn’t love too much.

But pho aside, their other dishes, especially some of the new items, turned out to be good surprises. They’re not traditional Vietnamese choices at all, but are delicious and definitely interesting to try.


Salmon tartare – HK$108 *must order*

This salmon tartare reminded me not to take authentic-ness too seriously as I’m certain the chef had no intention of serving traditional Vietnamese dishes, rather modern food with influences from different cuisines. With that in mind, this new item on their menu doesn’t taste very Vietnamese-like, but had strong Asian herby tastes to it. I loved the taro chips too! It’s a refreshing dish to kickstart the meal.


Caramelised Chicken Wings – HK$88

Our group had many compliments for the caramelised chicken wings in general; the meat was juicy and the skin was a little spicy and very flavourful – much more sophisticated the typical garlic butter wings. That said, I personally was not super wow-ed by the dish and enjoyed the other starters even more.


Soft shell crab and coriander tempura – HK$88

Deep fried coriander? A first for me. I love coriander and was excited to hear about this dish. But don’t worry if you’re not a coriander-lover, as the coriander taste is quite mild after being fried in batter. Plus they serve it with Sriracha mayo which neutralises the coriander taste even more. The soft shell crab was pretty good too. Some may complain that there’s too much batter, but if you love fried stuff or tempura like me, it’s a must order!

By the way, that salad on the side of this tempura is not to be missed! It’s crunchy, fish saucily tasty and refreshing.


Claypot Caramel Salmon *must order*

New on the menu, this claypot salmon was easily my favourite dish at Viet Kitchen and unexpectedly so. The salmon fillet was cooked perfectly to medium rare, leaving the meat smooth and juicy. It was served atop al dente rice with a very pleasant and complementary sweet sauce. We all agreed the sweet and salty mix was a surprisingly good combo. It’s 100% a must order and my favourite dish here!


Basil ice cream – HK$68

Ordering basil ice cream definitely made me feel adventurous and interesting for trying something ‘so different’. The basil flavours are quite strong and are complemented/layered well with a strawberry sauce. Order it if you are curious but it’s also skippable and not the kind of dessert that will force the birth of your second stomach. Instead, they also have a coffee affogato, where they use their own in house Vietnamese coffee – potentially even more interesting!

Adventurously Vietnamese

Overall it’s a modern and I’d say fusion Vietnamese restaurant with a pleasant casual environment – great for group gatherings and dates alike. They also have a decently priced lunch set (HK$98) which includes a starter and main. I heard their banh mi (Vietnamese baguette sandwich) is delicious, and it’s next on my list of things to try!

Viet Kitchen
G/F Nexxus Building
41 Connaught Road

Phone: 2806 2068

Spend per person: 300 per person (dinner)


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