Top Classic Steakhouses in Hong Kong

[Update] Make way for Grand Hyatt Steakhouse: The Ultimate Steak Experience, which is probably my number one now. And see other steak-related posts here.

USDA Rib Eye/Medium Rare is my standard response to the waiter at any steakhouse. Steaks with excellent quality meat which is beefily flavourful and executed well will have be pounding down close to a pound of steak in one sitting. Less-cooked/rarer meat often lacks beef flavours and can sometimes be chewy, but the good places somehow manage to negate these negative qualities and serve a perfectly medium rare meat that’s strong in flavour and extremely tender too – and that’s the only kind of steakhouse I’d recommend! So here’s my list of the best classic steakhouses in Hong Kong.

16oz Cajun Spiced Rib Eye Steak from Morton's - HK$678
16oz Cajun Spiced Rib Eye Steak

Morton’s Steakhouse (Sheraton Hotel)

16oz USDA Center-Cut Prime Rib Eye: HK$658

It’s definitely a tough choice between first and second. I struggled between Morton’s and The Intercontinental (placed second) for a very long time. Ultimately, the execution is just a teeny bit superior at Morton’s. The 16oz USDA rib eye was full of flavour, had an excellent balance of fat to meat, always perfectly cooked to medium rare and yet the texture is always very tender. The steak is also a tad charred on the outside. It’s a no-fuss American-style steakhouse that promises to deliver on quality.

A bonus point for Morton’s is that their desserts are the most delicious versions of classic. The Key Lime Pie is a must order and was even featured in 8 Best Lemon Tarts in Hong Kong, despite not even being a lemon tart. Their chocolate mousse was also a perfectly made classic dessert, that’s also highly recommended.

They serve a huge bun of cheesy bread to start you off with, but its looks are deceiving and I’d say to skip it.

See the full review: Morton’s Steakhouse: Favourite in Hong Kong

Morton’s The Steakhouse
4/F Sheraton Hotel
20 Nathan Road
Tsim Sha Tsui

Phone: 2732 2343

Spend per person: HK$1000


The Steakhouse Winebar + Grill (Intercontinental Hotel)

16oz USDA Prime Rib Eye: HK$858

The Steakhouse in Intercontinental wins hands down in terms of restaurant decor and fanciness. You’d feel more “at an occasion” than if you were at Morton’s (but it’s also quite significantly pricier). They make the dinner a little more fun by letting you choose your own steak knife and beautifully presenting a row of different types of salt for you to try. Gimmicks aside, the meat quality is also excellent, flavourful, always cooked to medium rare and tender too.


I loved their side dishes too. The sweet potato fries were unforgettable and highly recommended, and I also remember them serving some delicious and fancy starters.

The down side here is their desserts. They serve comically huge desserts here and by huge, I mean even six people can’t finish one. Although it can be pretty “cool”, the taste of the matcha white chocolate fondant and chestnut napoleon we ordered, was honestly very disappointing – that probably contributed to our difficulty in finishing the desserts. I’d rather stuff myself with starters, mains and sides, and skip dessert altogether.

The Steakhouse Winebar + Grill
Lower Level
The Intercontinental Hotel
18 Salisbury Road
Tsim Sha Tsui

Phone: 2313 2323

Spend per person: HK$1500


Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse

16oz USDA Rib Eye: HK$600

Ruth’s Chris is quite on par with the top 2 in this list and is another classic American steakhouse like Morton’s. Their 16oz USDA rib eye is good quality, flavourful, although the cut I had was a wee less fat than the other steaks I boast about elsewhere. Hence, texture-wise it was a wee less tender. That said, these differences are quite minor and I definitely would still recommend anyone to try Ruth’s Chris as an alternative to the top two. The interesting thing is that they thoughtfully serve your steak on a super hot plate, so that it can stay warm for longer. When served, my steak was a bit rare-er than medium rare, but it transformed to a spot-on perfect medium rare in about 5 minutes. How do they do that!?

The crab cakes are one of their signature starters and this is a MUST order. It’s the best crab cake I’ve ever had, with big chunks of fresh crab meat and none of that dough-y nonsense. Their cheesecake was also pretty delicious! Dinner here is a least a little cheaper than the first two options.

Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse
G/F Lippo Centre
89 Queensway

They also have a branch in Tsim Sha Tsui

Phone: 2522 9090

Spend per person: HK$1000 per person


BLT Steak (Harbour City)

14oz USDA Rib Eye: HK$398

BLT Steak is in a totally different (lower) league compared with the first three I mentioned, but you’ll be spending a minimum HK$1000 for a meal at those and probably around HK$600 at BLT Steak. For a more affordable price range, I think BLT Steak gets the balance right. The meat quality is not as amazing as the Top 3, but going in with non-overly-critical taste buds, I was still blown away. The rib eye steak was tender and on all of my visits, have always been cooked pretty perfectly to medium rare.

The side dishes here are also pretty decent, including a very strong truffle mac ‘n’ cheese and truffle fries.

BLT Steak
G/F Ocean Terminal
Harbour City
Tsim Sha Tsui

Phone: 2730 3508

Spend per person: HK$600 per person

What about the rest?

There have been a lot of steakhouses or steak frites (steak and fries) spots opening around Central in recent years but my experiences have generally only been average. They often cost you about HK$700 per head, which is less expensive than the average HK$1000 at the Top 3 in this article, but mess up one thing or another – cooked past medium rare, tough texture, poor meat cut or quality. And I would hands down choose paying HK$300+ more for excellence over acceptable.

Of course I’m sure there are at least a hundred more good places I have yet to try, so please leave a message to share your favourite one!


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