Exploring Artisan Coffee Shops in Hong Kong

Coffee culture has no doubt become a “thing” in Hong Kong. It might only be a matter of time until the mass gets so spoilt by good coffee that they become Starbucks-averse. I mean that is probably why Starbucks didn’t work out in coffee countries like Australia right?

There are so many great choices for coffee now and after trying a good bunch of them, I’ve come up of this list of worth-the-visit artisan coffee shops you could consider having this week!


My best recommendations

[Update] Also check out my current favourites, which are Why 50 (Sheung Wan) and Green Door Coffee (TST).

Espresso Alchemy is my go-to spot if I want a nice satisfying cup of coffee and know that I don’t want to risk disappointment. The quality has been unparalledly consistent; you can rest assured that you’ll always receive a no less than perfectly crafted cup of coffee. Plus they also do good food.

18 grams makes a creamy cup of flat white and cappuccino and they’re also always consistent with the quality and taste of their coffees. But on certain days, the coffee kick can feel relatively lackluster – the creaminess outweighs.

Waffling Beans specialises in Liege waffles and so I was surprised at how good their coffee was. They also managed to do a pretty good piccolo, which is relatively rare in Hong Kong (in my experience).

N1 Coffee & Co doesn’t do such a great piccolo but their other coffees were amazing. Their flat white was delicious and they also do a double ristretto latte for those who like it extra strong. It’s not as creamy but I loved the accentuated taste of their beans.


Worth a Visit

Brew or Drip (reopened as “Nodi”) is probably the best coffee option for Central office workers (it’s located in Chater House). Their flat white is super creamy but consistency is an issue here.

Fuel is another office-friendly one. It used to be one of my favourites but although I like a strong caffeine kick, their coffee is a little too bitter, dark roast and not very creamy.

Coco Espresso is another one I visit every so often on workday lunch times since they have a branch in Stanley Street. They are no doubt coffee experts and their flat white never disappoints. I find it not creamy enough though.


noc is a relatively new coffee shop that’s opened opposite to Pololi. Their coffee is quite strong and bitter, the taste reminded me a bit of Fuel but still much milder.

Elephant Grounds makes a mark in my heart most notably for their epicly crafted ice cream sandwiches and honestly their coffee doesn’t quite live up to those desserts (though it’s hard to match up to that). I had a big flat white once and I was caffeine buzzed the whole day – it’s strong although quite bitter too.

The Cupping Room is another widely regarded coffee shop on the Hong Kong island. However it was personally not my favourite. The coffees were very mild, a little to subtle and milky for me.


[closed] Capo Espresso makes a double ristretto flat white which you can even redeem through the Sugar app. Lots of people working near The Center come here for takeaways and it’s clearly popular. The only thing is… milk in my cup was disappointingly scalded. But I’ve only tried it once, and have heard good things about it so hopefully consistency was the only issue.

Hazel & Hershey seems to be popular for even tourists to venture up the hills above Soho for! Located high up on Peel Street, it was a hike to get there. While I don’t doubt their coffee professionalism I personally found it too sour. I heard they were going to employ lower acidity beans soon though!

Nosh is located far up in the corner of PoHo but they’re nevertheless often filled with customers even on weekdays. While I found their food so so, I did enjoy their coffee a lot! It was the super creamy type.

Five Coffee Company is a hidden coffee gem in the Sai Kung alleyways but definitely worth the search. Their coffee tastes great, balanced and slightly creamy. They also make delicious hot dogs!

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