Jamie’s Italian: All About the Fish

I mentioned in my full review that a place like Jamie’s Italian could be prone to negative comments because people are riddled with high expectations of something uniquely fantastic. While it may not have been the best Italian food I’ve had, it’s definitely become one of my go-to spots if I’m craving an easy, casual and comfort meal – that is, comfort food which isn’t just full of carbs. And from my numerous spontaneous visits, I’d say that good quality ingredients, consistent tastes and attentive service is practically guaranteed.

The Express Lunch Plank

On one of my more recent visits, I tried their lunch set. They’ve labelled it as the “Express” lunch plank which means that everything comes at once, to ensure a relatively speedy experience, for those who need to return to the office. The lunch set costs HK$148 per head including two courses and an iced tea.

Express Lunch Plank Set – HK$148

Rotolo Al Forno

For one of the sets, we ordered the Rotolo Al Forno which is basically pasta sheets wrapping around some spinach and cheese stuffing, like a huge ravioli! It definitely sounded appealing from the menu but at the same time, there were no surprises. It tasted very much like a huge ravioli, though the cheesiness was a little too filling.

Baked Halibut – +HK$50

Baked Halibut *must order*

I definitely did not regret adding HK$50 to my set for the Baked Halibut with polenta chips. I remembered from my first visit that the polenta chips were delicious. However, after devouring half the fish, the chips had gotten a little cold. The fish was excellent though and highly recommended. Even the bed of pepper and onions it was sitting on was tasty and refreshing.

In fact, that made me realise that fish was always the dish I was left most impressed with at Jamie’s Italian. Whether it be the Fish in a Bag, Fish of the Day or this lunch course, their fish was always cooked perfectly leaving the meat juicy and exuding freshness.

Tiramisu – +HK$48

Tiramisu *must order*

We both ordered the tiramisu for dessert without hesitation (HK$48) but were told that these would be “lunch set” sizes. When it came, I just could not stop thinking about how large their non-lunch set dessert sizes must be…

Anyway, we were warned that the tiramisu is extremely moist, and importantly so, as it definitely is a bit too wet. I usually like my tiramisu quite dry and with lots of creamy mascarpone (like my recipe here) and despite the fact that this tiramisu had the opposite qualities, I started to really like it after a few bites. The taste of the cream and lady fingers were delicious and the orange zest sprinkled on top added an interesting and complementary touch to the dessert. We both wiped the plate clean and walked out to Causeway Bay satisfied!

Come for Dinner and Order Fish!

While the baked halibut and tiramisu were delicious, I have to say the lunch set is not as much of a bargain as one would hope for. You’d probably end up paying at least HK$200 per person and although that is definitely justified considering the good quality ingredients they use, there are admittedly many more options around Causeway Bay for less than that price.

Instead, I’d easily recommend paying slightly more and coming here for dinner for a big meal instead. The experience is slightly more laid back as your courses come individually. Just make sure you order some kind of fish, because they somehow consistently do it so well here!

Jamie’s Italian
2/F Soundwill Plaza,
1 Tung Lung St
Causeway Bay

Phone: 3958 2222

Spend per person: HK$200 per person for lunch

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