Quemo: Spanish Food Festival (19-29 Oct 2015)

The Spanish Food Festival runs from 19-29 October 2015 this year and Quemo will be joining five other restaurants to offer a bespoke set menu exclusively for this event. In order to enjoy the menu for either lunch or dinner, you’ll have to make your booking through Gormei.

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Set Dinner Menu at Quemo (HK$588)

We started off with a roasted vegetables and anchovies on toast and anchovies usually trigger fear and aversion – they’re salty and weird – but these weren’t really salty and the roasted vegetables were extremely juicy with a tad of sweetness to it. They matched well together and it was a positive refreshing start to our meal.


I was already extremely excited about the oysters with gin and tonic, this only amplified when it arrived because they were extremely huge, fat and juicy-looking. The idea of using gin and tonic is to clean your palate and leave you with a longer lasting oysters taste afterwards. However, due to my preference for not-too-strong alcohol, I didn’t like that the gin taste overrode the oysters taste when I was slurping it. Though I did indeed enjoy the aftertaste for much longer than usual.



There was also a good variety of different foods on the menu, such as the Spanish chicken canneloni (which funnily looks like Chinese cheung fun), the seared seabass and the roasted tomato gazpacho with olive oil ice cream! I especially enjoyed the seabass, as it was executed extremely well and the fish was super juicy. That said, I may be biased, as you may have noticed my love for fish already from my previous post on Jamie’s Italian. The other two were definitely the more “special” dishes and they were also likeable.


Moving onto the main course, I was so relieved that they were serving us roasted suckling pig. Any Spanish (or Portuguese) meal is just incomplete without it! Of course, it had a super crispy skin and the meat was flavourful and tender. The different sauces beneath the pig were also good little touches. The good (bad) news for some is that it wasn’t really that fatty, so you won’t have to spend a second picking out those fatty blobs.



This meal was definitely up my alley for including two desserts. Well the first was a slightly smaller one, as it was also supposed to act as a palate cleanser. But it was so much more than that. There were layers of flavours and everyone spent an extra 2 minutes scraping off the sides of that small shot glass. The finale of the night was interesting because it looked and tasted very homemade – definitely feels like something a Spanish family would actually eat at home on a normal casual Saturday night. It was an olive oil bread topped with an extremely chocolatey cream and served with caramel sauce.

Five other Spanish restaurants to consider

I visited Quemo over a year and half ago (for Christmas) and I remember absolutely loving it. On my visit this time, it was great to have tried something completely different (from the paella and tortillas we had the first time) and yet everything still tasted great.

But if you’re not feeling it for Quemo, check out the other five Spanish restaurants (listed below) who will also be joining the Spanish Food Festival. The menus can all be found on Gormei’s website.

  • Catalunya
  • Fofo by El Willy
  • La Paloma
  • Plaza Mayor
  • Timon Seafood Tapas Bar & Restaurant

Enjoy and Happy October!

5/F QRE Plaza (opposite Hopewell Centre)
202 Queens Road East

Spend per person: HK$588 per person for dinner (ex. service charge)

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