Mike’s Chicken: Hidden Portuguese Gem in Sai Kung

I’m guilty for being a frequent visitor of Sai Kung but not noticing Mike’s Chicken until only a year after it’s been open! Though that’s partly because it’s hidden among the overwhelming number of seafood restaurants on seafood street (海鮮街) – which many people acknowledge as being overpriced tourist traps and avoid altogether by now. Despite it’s “hidden location”, the genuine food and friendly culture have helped this place garner a loyal customer base and it’s therefore pretty necessary to book in advance.


Appetiser Platter *must order*

Having tried the bacalhau fritters at Casa Lisboa, I was definitely tempted to order the ones here. With so many appealing choices on the menu, though not too fluent in Portuguese cuisine, we decided to order the standard appetiser platter for four. The highlight for me was the fatty spicy chorizo which went super well with their soft homemade piping hot baguettes, although they were admittedly a tad too salty. But everything else on the plate was just as memorable.


Suckling Pig (requires pre-ordering)

The suckling pig has to be pre-ordered and I would assume at least a day in advance. We were gutted to find out it was too late when we called just 2 hours before. Luckily they do roast some for those who aren’t as prepared and we secured a quarter of the pig to share between five. But don’t be too confident, as we weren’t as lucky on our second visit.

The meat was extremely juicy and the skin was thin and crispy – all boxes ticked! I liked that the meat was very naturally seasoned too. It wouldn’t be too detrimental if you didn’t get to pre-order it though. I think many places do a good suckling pig, so this was relatively less outstanding compared to the other dishes we tried.


Slow cooked Oxtail in Port Wine sauce *must order*

I put my money where my words are and the “must order” items listed in this post, were indeed the dishes we ordered again on our second visit more recently. The oxtail is one of their signature dishes and probably the only oxtail dish I’ve actually enjoyed to date. The meat was super tender and flavourful and I loved the sauce it was cooked in. I couldn’t stop picking at the cabbage and onions in the pot, as the beefy flavours had thoroughly seeped into each molecule.


Piri Piri Chicken *must order*

The chicken was another unforgettable dish mainly because it was cooked so perfectly. The meat was oozing with juice and super tender too. The flavours were delicious and quite unique for what you usually get in Hong Kong. The sauce was super spicy though, even though we had requested it to be “less spicy”. The portion was a little small for what I expected, but still definitely worth trying.

Coconut/Lime Cheesecake *must order*

I was curious as to what Portuguese desserts they’d have since I don’t even know of any except maybe the Portuguese egg tart, if that counts. However, it turns out they’re not all that stubborn about being all authentic. Instead, they have an interesting range of desserts which are all made in-house. On my two visits, I sampled a range of the desserts and the conclusion is that, while all the sweets were generally good, the cheesecakes are unmissable. Both the coconut and lime cheesecake were delicious – soft, mildly cheesy and with a good twist.

Genuine Food and Service – Worth the trek?

Mike’s Chicken is not exactly a cheap feast, but it’s honest delicious food, accompanied with friendly service. It’s also the type of food that’s relatively original and different to what you usually get in Hong Kong, hence it’s definitely worth trying. It’s a great dinner option if you’re in the area, but also worth travelling for, if Sai Kung doesn’t happen to be on the other side of you!

Mike’s Chicken
Shop 43-45, Hoi Pong Street
Sai Kung

Phone: 2392 3328

Spend per person: HK$300-400 for dinner

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