The First Floor by Lifestyle Federation: New on Duddell St

I definitely agree that it’s hard to keep up with all the new restaurants opening up in Hong Kong, but The First Floor by Lifestyle Federation is one of the latest hitting Central that’s definitely worth some spotlight.

On inspecting the stylishly beautiful interior, including a kitchen demonstration table, I couldn’t help but ask more about whether they cater to private events. It immediately felt like the perfect spot for those fancy corporate client events and it felt genius to keep this location in mind in case I ever had to make a suggestion. But it was not corporate-boring in any sense. They have an interesting showcase of products on show, which they employ in their dishes and can also be bought individually – think olive oil, housemade jams, tea, that kind of thing.

So the interior was excellent, but thankfully not as excellent as the food.


Homemade Bread with Four Butters

The bread is reason in itself to visit The First Floor. Not only do they make a range of interesting breads in house, they also serve it with four kinds of butter: unsalted, salted, herb and cinnamon honey! The herb was my personal favourite but the sweet cinnamon honey was hands down the most original choice; it kind of makes your bread taste like dessert though.

Make sure you grab the baguette-disguised Chinese steamed man tou 饅頭 bread, before your friends or colleagues do. It’s more than just a cute gimmick, it actually tastes good and is a slightly more original way to kickstart your meal.



Prawn Consumme Cooked for 3 Days

The seafood here was a particular highlight as they use extremely fresh ingredients, so that they are able to serve it half cooked. I like it that way because the meat retains a good bouncy texture and is very juicy too.

The prawn in the middle of this prawn consumme was no exception. But the consumme was way more exceptional. The whole table was taken aback to hear that the consumme was cooked for 3 days. The response was, wait did you mean 3 hours? Nope. I was told that the intense flavour of the soup may not suit everyone, but I absolutely cleared my bowl and so did 6 out of 7 of the other people I was dining with – so I’d say all seafood lovers are for sure to love it.


Wagyu Beef Steak

I chose the wagyu beef steak for my main course. Wagyu being wagyu, it was fatty, tender and delicious. It was not as mindblowing as some other wagyus I’ve had before (Wagyu Takumi), but it was a great steak that was paired well with sauces and veggies. In fact, I ended up clearing all those mini carrots and shallots, because they were really sweet and juicy.

Housemade Macarons and Desserts

The First Floor takes great pride in their many housemade items (like the aforementioned bread) and the desserts/petit fours were no exception.


I had the stouts flavoured ice cream macaron. I was not entirely enthusiastic about the title of the dessert but the flavours were much more pleasant than I imagined of dark beer. In fact it was light yet original. Too bad that was an October special though!

I was impressed with the selection of macaron flavours, but they also had other choices like madeleines and marshmellows which were equally good. It’s definitely more creative and fun than your usual fancy spot.


Creative Food and Great Ambience

I loved the ambience of this place; it’s nice enough to be a “nice restaurant” but not scarily formal that you feel you should only be there to celebrate a 10th anniversary. The food was excellent but also creative, with the quality of the bread and seafood being a particular highlight. I’d definitely recommend it for fancy close friends gathering, birthdays or even corporate dinners.

The First Floor by Lifestyle Federation
1/F Baskerville House
13 Duddell Street

Phone: 2840 0032

Spend per person: HK$300-500 for lunch/HK$1000 for dinner

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