The Grill, Grand Hyatt: Poolside Weekend Brunch

My most Google-d search term/phrase of 2015 has to be “Best Brunch in Hong Kong”, as this relaxing effort-less activity has become my go-to to-do on most weekends. The part where I search for a place to go, is not very effort-less however.

The Grill, at Grand Hyatt, is one that often pops up in the lists of Top 10 brunches in Hong Kong but it never really appealed to me – largely because its name gives off a barbecue feast impression, which is not exactly what I crave first thing in the morning.

But since I was staying at Grand Hyatt after a wedding, it seemed only obvious to give The Grill a shot. It definitely turned out to be as meaty as its name suggests, but thankfully they also had a lot of other great options. It’s highly recommended, if at least one of you happens to have a big appetite!

Poolside seating

Beautiful outdoor poolside seating

The outdoor seating is beautiful, if not loveable. It’s set by the pool and the venue was perfect for the chilling-weekend-brunchy vibe I usually look for (but rarely find). It’s December and I have to admit it’s a little chilly even if they had two heaters by our table of two. I kept my jacket on and it was bearable though.

All kinds of meat and fish

All the meat in the world

I don’t think my appetite will ever be big enough to try all their meats in one go. They have several types of legit sausages, roast beef, lamb rack, barbecued fish, chicken… and probably several more items that have slipped my memory. There was basically every meat. Oh, they also had a burger station.

They have chefs manning the station and grilling everything fresh so from the three meat items I sampled, they definitely keep up the quality, better than all meats I’ve had at any buffet at least.

Sweet potato fries

Sweet potato fries

They even had sweet potato fries, which was more than a pleasant surprise to see it in a buffet. Admittedly, to me, sweet potato fries are something to scream for, so my (over)reaction was actually much more exaggerated than “pleasant surprise” would suggest. These were delicious!

Roast beef, sweet potato fries and grilled corn
Eggs benedict and others

Keeping it brunch-y with eggs benedict

I didn’t feel like stomaching too much meats, but I still loved the brunch here because they had so many other options to choose from. Among which, I just had to go for the eggs benedict because that’s what you absolutely crave when going for brunch. That’s what I loved about this place – they had everything I wanted on top of all that meat.

Desserts were delicious too

Long brunch with great ambience

Apart from being a place to stuff yourself, this is actually a great place for long brunches, whether you’re an intimate couple or here for a birthday gathering. Weekend (Saturday and Sunday) brunch runs from 11:30pm to 3pm and there’s such a wide variety of food, you won’t mind spending a lot of time there to digest your meal once and go for a big round of desserts.

It’s not a cheap meal, at HK$538 per person. But for a buffet at a nice hotel, with good quality food, I’d say it’s reasonable.

For a similarly delicious and stomach bursting brunch experience, you could also check out Blue Butcher.

The Grill
Grand Hyatt Hong Kong
1 Harbour Road

Phone: 2584 7722

Spend per person: HK$600 (for weekend brunch)


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