Lolleroll’s Most Popular Articles in 2015

1. 8 Best Lemon Tarts in Hong Kong


A good half of my 2015 was spent obsessing over lemon tarts (eating and making them!). My sugar intake was probably soaring for a few months but the addiction at least helped me compile this list! Article here.

2. 7 Reasons Why Every Foodie Should Visit Tasmania


There were many reasons why I loved Tasmania and fresh delicious food was a big one, so if you’re into food as much as I am, you should definitely consider a trip here. Article here.

3. Bun Cha Vietnamese: Best Beef Pho in Hong Kong


I love Vietnamese beef pho and this bowl in particular… Read more about it here.

4. Scoop on Hong Kong’s Best Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream


Hong Kong people just can’t stop loving matcha (neither can I)! Here are the three places where you can be guaranteed to get a satisfying swirl of green tea soft serve.

5. Try This: Order LeTao Cheesecake Online from Japan to Hong Kong


This cheesecake from Japan is seriously a crowd pleaser – trust me, I’ve tried it on at least three different crowds. Some actually lug it back straight from Japan – I definitely would! But you can actually order it online too. Read more here.

6. 10 Restaurants in Central for Lunch Dates


Deciding what to eat or where to go for lunch in Central is always a bit of a pain. With all the new places popping up every month, this article may even be a little dated already. Potential additions include: Porterhouse by Laris (great steaks!), Braza Churrascaria (lots of meat), Viet Kitchen (quick Vietnamese). Read the original article here.

7. Tasmania: Where to Eat the Best Fresh Oysters?


Oysters is the single biggest reason I would revisit Tasmania. We chugged down a lot during our trip and here is a ranking of our favourites! Article here.

8. 5 Restaurants Worth Revisiting Again and Again


These are good classic spots who consistently cook up good quality food. Read the whole article here.

So these were the articles people loved most from last year! What would you like to read more about? Share your ideas in the comments section below!

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