Grand Hyatt Steakhouse: The Ultimate Steak Experience

I always knew Grand Hyatt Steakhouse was one of the most “must-try” steakhouses in Hong Kong. After such roaring reviews, inevitably came the skeptics who felt it didn’t live up to expectations or that it was too expensive. Apart from other people’s disappointment, one reason I procrastinated my visit was because they do two sittings on weekends; I didn’t want to rush a HK$1500 dinner (return the table by 8:30pm) nor dine at an awkwardly late 8:45pm.

But I finally gave in. When I compiled the Top Classic Steakhouses in Hong Kong, the “What about Grand Hyatt?” comments were bound to come. Given that I do sometimes disagree with restaurant reviews out there, I needed to give this place a try for myself.

Expectedly Excellent Service

We came as a big group of 8 on a Saturday. Traffic was unexpectedly smooth and we arrived at 8:15pm… 30 minutes before the start of the second seating at 8:45pm. But the service was great (as maintained throughout the night) and the table was ready. We were sat in a comfortable semi-segregated area on a round table – the ambience was more than ideal for a group of 8.

Steak tartare
Crab cakes
French onion soup

Soup & Starters

We shared a few starters: crab cakes, steak tartare, shrimp and French onion soup.

The French onion soup (must order) was super cheesy and flavourful – definitely the highlight of the starting lot and among the best I’ve tried. They also had tempting options like lobster bisque and clam chowder. But given how huge their steaks are, I had to pass.

The steak tartare was a relative disappointment though. It was not very flavourful and the accompanying toasts were way too crunchy. I’d say this is skippable.

On the other hand, the crab cakes were good, as were the prawns (which is actually a main course dish but we ordered it to share). Things got off to a good start but of course the ultimate highlight of the meal would be the steak.



USDA Prime Dry-Aged 32oz Tomahawk Rib Eye

Rib eye is usually my favourite cut to order. Its extremely high fat content means that it usually is well marbled, very tender and has a pretty intense beef flavour. So the Tomahawk (essentially a rib eye steak with the whole bone in) was a must order for me.

It was much more massive than expected and the amount of meat was overwhelming even to share between two! I think the photo says more than I meaningfully can in words. Taste-wise, it was among the best steaks I’ve had. The meat was intense in flavours (they dry age their steaks) and the texture was quite tender. It was a little more rare than the “medium rare” we expected and also just a tad chewy in parts though. The porterhouse might have been even better.


Canadian Dry-Aged 38oz Porterhouse *must order*

We originally ordered 1 Porterhouse and 3 Tomahawks, but they were left with only 2 portions of Tomahawks so my sis and I opted for the Porterhouse. And I actually enjoyed the Porterhouse even more! Porterhouse is essentially T-bone with a thicker cut and is meant to be a tad less fat compared with the Tomahawk – that’s the reason I initially favoured the latter. In spite of this, I found the Porterhouse even more tender in general. It was also slightly more beefily flavourful. For me, the Tomahawk had a bit too much fat that we ended up just cutting off.


Chocolate Mud Cake

The chocolate mud cake on the menu caught all our attentions (before we ordered starters). It was a delicious chocolate cake but was just not as muddy as its name suggests, if we’re being critical. The soft serve ice cream was surprisingly very good too.


Mango-Coconut Sundae

The sundae actually turned out to be the biggest disappointment of the night. Half of the ice cream melted in less than 5 mins as we were splitting it among 3 people. It also didn’t have the coconut flavours its name promised.


Apple Crumble *must order*

I’m echoing the steakhouse staff and recommending the apple crumble too! It was served piping hot and had a good balance of apple and crumble. Most of us agreed this was our favourite.

Best Steakhouse in Hong Kong?

It’s always a bit of a controversial statement mainly because it’s just so hard to compare restaurants when they are so different (yet similar enough). I said Morton’s was my favourite “classic” steakhouse and while I still think Morton’s has the best classic desserts for a steakhouse, I have to say Grand Hyatt Steakhouse offers a much more “epic” and a “level up” steak experience, with their dry-aged expensive cuts. I didn’t see similar items on either the Morton’s or Intercontinental Steakhouses.

Price-wise, if you’re sharing the steaks at Grand Hyatt, the prices are not really meaningfully more expensive either. So if you’re choosing one among them all… Yes, I would pick Grand Hyatt. But Morton’s and Intercontinental are still great options for those looking for alternatives.

Grand Hyatt Steakhouse
Mezzanine Floor (entrance to restaurant is just outside the hotel)
1 Harbour Road
Wan Chai

Phone: 2584 7722

Spend per person: HK$1500 including wine


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