Limewood: Summer Afternoon Getaway at The Pulse

There’s so much to love about Hong Kong. The one thing I love most is how we have a world class financial centre with skyscrapers 100 floors tall, yet beaches, oceans and mountains are only a short ride away. You can kayak in the sea, hike to beautiful beaches, yet still have all the variety of restaurants and shops of a bustling city, that’s only 30-45 mins away.

The Pulse is a strip of restaurants and shops by Repulse Bay beach and is possibly the best in between of nature and city in Hong Kong. Hardly 20 minutes away from Central/Admiralty, you can feel completely disconnected from corporate life just by sitting in one of these restaurants or cafes.

Perfect Half Al-Fresco Vibes

Limewood would likely be my top choice for the best vibes. It’s half al-fresco, yet I remember they had decent air-conditioning such that you won’t be sweating throughout your meal. Plus they have a good selection of cold food which is actually all that we ordered, and it was perfect for the summer months.

Delicious and Inventive Cocktails

They have an excellent selection of cocktails too. I had the Kale and Coriander Margarita which was original and delicious.

Limewood Guacamole with Sea Urchin *must order*

The Limewood Guacamole was definitely my favourite thing here. It’s guacamole of the usual kind (avocado) topped with sea urchin, salmon roe and crispy garlic pieces. You mix it up and it becomes a surprisingly delicious and of course interesting combination. The tortilla chips were also really good.


Salmon Tartare & Tuna Poke

We loved the salmon tartare with kaffir lime and ginger and the colourful tuna poke with avocado. Admittedly we loved these mainly because it was the perfect cold, raw and refreshing dish for the weather. They were decent dishes but not particularly outstanding either.

Easy way to get away

Since The Pulse is so easy to get to, it’s the perfect place for a getaway if you can’t be bothered to be outdoorsy or trek all the way to Sai Kung. Limewood has delicious cocktails and a selection of refreshing foods, not to mention it’s right by the beach and is quite happening during weekends. My only tiny complaint would be that it is overpriced. I remember we spent almost HK$500 per person here for brunch (and we were not overly stuffed afterwards).

Alternatively, if you’re just looking for good brunch options, click here!


Shop 103/104 The Pulse
28 Beach Road
Repulse Bay

Phone: 2866 8668

Spend per person: HK$500

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