Aberdeen Street Social: A Simple Satisfying Set Menu (8-31 Aug 2016)

I’ve heard many good things about Aberdeen Street Social. I knew it was a perfect spot for after work cocktails, especially given its casual relaxing vibes within PMQ, which kind of takes you away from office-building-vibes. But since “casual British dining” is rarely my craving, I had only managed to visit for drinks until recently.


Feedme Guru’s Exclusive 6-Course Menu for HK$450

When Feedme Guru started promoting their exclusive menu here, it almost looked like a set menu tailored for me! The items and ingredients seemed straight forward, yet are the types of food you actually want to eat: scallops, steak and chocolate-intense dessert, to name some of the components. It was a casual meal, and although comprised of ‘6-courses’, it wasn’t at all intimidatingly long. In fact, the first and last course are nibbles and petits fours, so it’s more of a 4-course meal.

They’re only serving this menu til 31 August 2016 – so see the full details here and book now!

English Heirloom Tomato Salad

It might be the weather or stress, but I’ve been having a poor appetite recently, skipping dinner altogether on a number of nights. My stomach was feeling similar that night, but we kickstarted the meal with a refreshing gin & tonic (+HK$50) and heirloom tomato salad, which completely revved up my stomach to start rumbling!

I loved how simple yet delicious the starter was. This dish featured a number of different types of tomatoes which were all very fresh and refreshing. The burrata cheese was also delicious.

Pan Roasted Hokkaido Scallops

Seared scallops are always irresistible. Again, this dish was cooked perfectly – the scallops were nicely seared, and maintained the right amount of juiciness. It was also paired well with the truffle cauliflower puree.

Chargrilled M5 Australian Wagyu Rump

We were still feeling a tad hungry, yet mildly satisfied at this point. The wagyu rump didn’t look too big in portion, but overall turned out to be the perfect amount – i.e. it wasn’t those ridiculously big menus where you’re guiltily full when you’re only halfway through the meal.

The steak was a little rarer than what I ordered (medium rare). But I wasn’t fussed because the beef flavours were delicious in general and it was cooked pretty well.

The side salad was almost equally the star of the plate here. The roasted gem lettuce had a nice charred smell and taste to it, and it was refreshingly crispy. It was spiced up with crispy bacon and generous slices of very delicious anchovies. The only thing I wished was that this would be another course itself!

Frozen Dark Chocolate & Peanut Parfait

I can’t say dessert was my favourite dish of the night, because I honestly loved every main dish I’ve highlighted so far. This was no different. The parfait was intensely chocolatey, still very cold when served, and the peanuts inside added just a hint of complexity. The banana ice cream on the side was also unexpectedly unique and went well with everything else.

Keeping it Simple

The set menu was extremely enjoyable. It’s always nice to have a straight forward meal featuring good ingredients and is gimmicks-free. The items I’ve highlighted (except for the dessert) are exclusively made available for the Feedme Guru menu – so you’ll have to make your reservation via this link here.

While it is no bargain meal, they served good quality food at a reasonable price. The thing is, we always say how we’re lucky to have “so much good food in Hong Kong”, but I honestly feel that genuinely good quality western food is not as prevalent as it looks. So I’m definitely putting Aberdeen Street Social onto my go-to regulars list.

Aberdeen Street Social
35 Aberdeen Street,

Phone: 2866 0300

Spend per person: HK$450 + 10% service charge

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