Pacamara: Hipster Brunch Cafe in Singapore

When work life back at home starts to overwhelm you, taking a long weekend trip to Singapore to eat brunch for three consecutive days with your bff of 16 years could not be more rejuvenating. Well it was more about having great company and nothing but Singapore’s amazing hipster brunches on my agenda for three days.

3 Brunches in One Long Weekend

I visit Singapore quite often, and it’s hardly ever been for work. Apart from the hawker centres, my favourite part is the excellent selection and quality of hipster cafes. Hong Kong may be known for good food, but Singapore beats it for its brunch scene hands down.

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Last year, I paid a visit to Curious Palette, but the choices I covered this time were even better. Over my three day weekend, we went to Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters, Common Man Coffee Roasters and Artichoke. I think I equally loved each one for different reasons.

Pacamara’s location is a bit random but Uber-ing around Singapore is pretty convenient so we didn’t care. The ambience was bright, white and hipster-like. With lots of sharing tables, it’s definitely a place with friendly-vibes to spend the morning or afternoon.

First, Coffee

I started off with my usual order of flat white. The coffee was pretty good. I just find that most of the coffee places in Singapore serve a quite milky cup of flat white, and this was no exception. So I say Pacamara’s selling point for me was the food.

Winter Salad – SGD15

The selection at Pacamara was extremely extensive. Thankfully they had a number of vegetarian-friendly options (for my friend, not me). Finally she decided not to go all out that day and ordered the Winter Salad. It was a delicious combination of ingredients – the juicy pumpkin was definitely not left unnoticed.

Truffle Fries – SGD8

Because we’re girls and therefore automatically love fries, we had to share these truffle fries, at least to offset that sinfully (considering it’s the weekend) healthy salad… right?

The portion was HUGE. We couldn’t finish half of it between the two. They were perfect shoestring fries sprinkled with a good amount of Parmesan. The truffle taste could’ve been more invasive though.

Duck Confit Hash – SGD19.5 *must order*

I was struggling between the matcha pancakes, salmon mentaiko benedict, creme brulee french toast and this – I told you the items were really extensive and appealing. The menu was loaded with classic items with a twist. Only because I was feeling for something savoury and the salmon mentaiko benedict looked relatively un-twisted, I ended up ordering the duck confit hash.

It was not so much that this was the best duck confit (it was a good one though), but the whole combination was spot on. The potato rosti bed was crispy and went super well with the mix of duck confit, beans and perfectly portioned mushrooms. Once you top all of that with two poached eggs, it’s immediately a creative yet tempting brunch option. Highly recommended!

Worth the trek for brunch

Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters is located on Upper Thomson Road and not really near any MRT station. So for a tourist like me, it seemed pretty out-of-the-way. I know they’re known for their coffee, but for me, the coffee was relatively underwhelming. But I loved the food and vibes here, so I’d say it’s worth the trek if you’re planning to come here for a chilled out brunch meal.

Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters
185 Upper Thomson Road,
Singapore 574333

Spend per person: SGD25-30 (HKD140-170)


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