SPIGA: New Free Flow Champagne Italian Brunch

Brunch‘ has two very different meanings. The first comes with wooden tables, latte art and eggs. The other comes with champagne and… an abundance of all things edible. Unsurprisingly, the second is the version of brunch this new Italian restaurant in Central – SPIGA – is going for.

Weekend Brunch Deal at SPIGA – HK$388 per person

Weekend brunch at SPIGA is reasonably priced at HK$388 per person, which includes their antipasti buffet, a choice of main course and dessert buffet. You can add on HK$260 for free-flow Veuve Clicquot champagne, mimosas, red/white wine, Peroni and Bloody Mary; or add on HK$140 for free-flow prosecco in place of the champagne.

More importantly, I loved the ambience here. On a Sunday afternoon it was extremely lively, with some casual live music which wasn’t too loud either. They have large ceiling-to-floor windows which let in a comfortable amount of daylight, cultivating the perfect laid back brunch vibes.

Antipasti Buffet

The antipasti buffet counter was not huge, but most options on the table were very tempting, and turned out to be delicious too. Given that I obviously prefer quality over quantity when it comes to buffets, I was completely happy with the choices available. Apart from the mandatory leaves, cheeses and hams, their buffet featured a variety of salads: a satisfying seafood salad, the classic tomato buffalo mozzarella and an intriguing purple rice salad (among others).

I also liked that they served hot dishes – which was quite important because I felt that the portion of their main course was not very substantial (see the next section). Their beef lasagna was standard, but their eggplant parmigiano was almost addictive. Even though it was pretty cheesy and filling, I couldn’t help but help myself twice. They also had a meat station serving lamb and pork. So most people could definitely get full from starters alone.

Main Course

Overall, the mains were probably the least outstanding part of the meal. There were a range of choices, but definitely not numerous enough to leave us in a dilemma, like how we felt at the Italian brunch at Giando which featured 17 choices of mains (highly recommended brunch place, by the way). Here at SPIGA, there were some pasta choices, some mozzarella cheese dish, and some egg options.

I opted for their homemade strozzapreti with basil pesto sauce (pasta). The homemade pasta was made well, but the pesto sauce lacked a bit of flavour and I felt it was a bit watery yet not saucy enough. That said, the eggs didn’t look especially revolutionary either. Nothing tasted bad, but it was just not the highlight of the meal, as you might expect mains to be.

Dessert Buffet

Despite the so-so main course experience, the desserts definitely made up for it. This was my favourite part of the meal (ok, but dessert often is). There was a lot of variety of desserts including tiramisu, brownie, chocolate tart, cheesecakes and so on. I honestly wish I could’ve tried them all, but we had just gone through Christmas/New Year’s so I had to start controlling myself again before the 5 lbs I gained turn into 15.

But anyway, every single dessert I sampled was extremely delicious. The walnut brownie was addictive, but I was also impressed by their lemon tart. I felt like if they served me a proper portion, it would give me the chance to finally update my list of 8 Best Lemon Tarts in Hong Kong.

Good option for boozy brunch

Overall our brunch experience at SPIGA was quite positive. I think the quality of food at the antipasti and dessert buffet does make up for the relatively underwhelming main course dishes. They have great lively vibes, so it’s a perfect place to go especially if you’re looking for a boozy place to hang out on the weekend.

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3/F LHT Tower Podium (above GAP in Central, near MTR exit D2)
Hong Kong

Phone: 2871 0055

Spend per person: HK$388 + HK$140/260 (Free Flow) + 10% service charge


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