Little Creatures: Spacious Hideaway for Craft Beers in Kennedy Town 

In Hong Kong, we’re blessed with a lot of things: crazy skyscrapers, beautiful natural landscape, diversity of cuisines and abundance of activities. But I think we could all easily agree on one thing we lack: space.

So while there’s no shortage of cute bars for craft beer, Little Creatures really stood out for its large comfortable space. They had high ceilings and plushy sofa seats – for once, two people wouldn’t be told off for wanting to occupy a 4-6 person table.

But I was also surprised to learn the lengthy history behind Little Creatures. They’ve been in the craft beer market for many years, originating from Australia, and only recently introduced their passion to Kennedy Town. Some of their signature beers are brewed in-house, while some are imported.

Beer Tasting Paddle: 6 x 100ml *must order*

As soon as the waiter mentioned a “beer paddle” with six types of beers to try, I wasn’t even interested in seeing the menu anymore. You start with a light one and progress rightwards through the paddle. I genuinely enjoyed all six of the different beers, but if you’re not into the fuss of sampling so many, or you just want half a pint, then go for the Bright Ale and Pale Ale. These were light and refreshing.

They also have an extensive food menu which goes perfectly with a night of beer.

Crispy Chicken – HK$125

We ordered a lot of food because judging by the decent prices, we really weren’t expecting the portions to be so big – especially the crispy chicken.

The crispy chicken was seriously crispy. It was very deep-fried and was a good guilty pairing for the beer. But you’d probably want to share this with at least 3-4 people.

Mac n Cheese – HK$75

All night I was constantly digging at the mac n cheese (as mac n cheeses make you do). It was creamy, cheesy and most importantly, generously infused with truffle.

Grass-fed Ribeye – HK$295

I had mixed feelings about the rib eye steak. On one hand, the quality of the Australian grass-fed beef was good and the beefy flavours were strong. I might’ve been a bit unlucky as they overcooked mine a little; I asked for medium-rare, but probably got something closer to medium-well. That, in addition to the relatively lean steak meant that the texture was a little tough.

Brussel Sprouts – HK$85

The brussel sprouts were generously smothered with pancetta and garlic, making it a perfect choice for those who like to incorporate a healthier dish without sacrificing flavours.

Pear Tart Tartin – HK$135 *must order*

By now, we were completely stuffed and I was adamant on refusing dessert and trust me, that means a lot considering how strong my sweet tooth is. Except after the waitstaff recommended the pear tart tartin, I gave in (haha).

I literally gasped with volume when the dessert arrived at our table because the portion was, again, unexpectedly large. We managed to finish 2/3 of it, so I’d recommend sharing this between 3-4 people (or even more). It featured four large chunks of very tender chunks of pear atop pastry with a satisfying bite. The sides were caramelised and added that necessary sweetness such that it felt like a dessert. The pistachio ice cream was good too, although the flavour was relatively overshadowed by the tart anyway.

Hangout spot for excellent craft beer and comfort food

Overall, I loved Little Creatures for its relaxing and comfortable vibes that makes it a perfect hangout spot with any type of group – dates, friends, colleagues alike. They serve delicious craft beers and a large selection of inexpensive comfort food dishes to munch on. The portions are generally quite large, so it’s more ideal to share with a larger group of people. In any case, just make sure you save some space for the pear tart tartin!

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Little Creatures
5A New Praya Kennedy Town
Kennedy Town

Phone: 2833 5611

Spend per person: HK$400-500 (for dinner and drinks, but it should be much cheaper if you’re sharing with a larger group)

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