Scarlett: Gerard Poulard’s Unmissable Cheese Collection (until 31 May 2017)

I was charmed by Scarlett’s inviting vibes on my first visit (for lunch) – it’s one of the rare places in Tsim Sha Tsui which isn’t overly fancy or un-ambiently casual. Their wines by the glass are about HK$60-70 which is decent value considering the quality, and if you’re early enough, they have a buy-one-get-one-free deal from 3-7pm. So it’s also pretty ideal for pre-dinner drinks.

Selection of 9 Cheeses from Gerard Poulard’s 2017 Collection of Fromages de France

2017 Collection of Fromages de France

This time I also made it a mission to visit Scarlett because they were housing 30 varieties of France’s official Cheese Ambassador Gerard Poulard’s 2017 Collection of Fromages de France. I do love a platter of cheese to go with my red wine, so it seemed like the perfect weekday indulgence and experience for me.

Gerard Poulard is purportedly a renowned fine cheese expert. Each year, he selects a variety of cow’s and goat’s cheeses from boutique farms in France. He then travels around the world to present this collection at different fine dining restaurants.

Selection of 9 Cheeses from Gerard Poulard’s 2017 Collection of Fromages de France

Selection of 9 Cheeses – HK$385

Honestly, we could not comprehend a single name on the list of cheeses in Gerard Poulard’s collection, so we simply decided to go for a selection of 9 types of cheese (you can choose 3, 5, 7 or 9, for HK$138, HK$218, HK$298 and HK$385 respectively), and asked for the chef’s recommendation. This was fine for me because I’m very openminded about cheeses and don’t mind super pungent ones either, although none of them were blue-cheese-pungent. Sharing between three of us, 9 types of cheeses was perfect and actually not as much as it seems.

I usually enjoy medium-to-full body red wines and was going to opt for a cabernet or merlot… until we were advised that a pinot noir may go better with the cheeses. With a lengthy choice of wines and little knowledge about pinot noirs, we again (wisely) left the decision to Scarlett. This one was tasty yet super light – it was not only a good pair for our cheeses, it was also refreshingly apt for the hot weather.

Pinot Noir – Raimbault & Fils Sancerre 2015

Unmissable experience for serious cheese lovers

Gerard Poulard’s selection of cheeses was genuinely unique and delicious – an experience that’s unmissable for any serious cheese lovers. Sadly, this collection will only be available at Scarlett until the end of this month (31 May 2017). But because we loved it so much, I still wanted to share it here with you all, hoping you can make a visit, despite the short time window.

Otherwise, Scarlett does offer their own cheeses on a regular basis – I sampled their signature one-meter charcuterie board last time – but the selection of cheese is unsurprisingly not as unique as Gerard Poulard’s.

Scarlett Cafe & Wine Bar
2 Austin Avenue
Tsim Sha Tsui

Phone: 3565 6513

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