Cafe at Hyatt Regency: A Seafood Lover’s Buffet

Dinner buffets are sometimes shunned for their subpar quality of food. But growing up with younger siblings, it was almost a ritual for any of our family celebrations. So no matter how un-classy loving buffets may seem, they do secretly have a place in my heart.

They tend to be an especially apt choice when there are kids in your group, but the selection at Cafe 咖啡廳 of Hyatt Regency (K11, Tsim Sha Tsui) will impress adults equally as much, if not even more. They have the most extensive variety of choices I’ve seen in Hong Kong, and more importantly, the quality of their food was impressive.

Poached Lobster *must order*

With so much on offer at this buffet, it’s impossible to get through even just their seafood offerings. They served chilled crab legs, prawns, crabs and mussels; they also had grilled scallops, oysters and tandoori tiger prawns. But the one thing you can’t miss is their poached lobster. Not only was it fresh and prepared-to-order, it was also cooked perfectly. The texture was crisp and juicy, and not at all mushy or dry.

Salmon Wellington

My personal favourite though was the salmon wellington – these are definitely not available at any typical buffet. The salmon was still super juicy and the meat sort of just fell apart. The pastry was understandably a tad wet at the bottom, but overall still delicious.

Fresh cut Hamachi

Apart from the usual selection of sushis and sashimi, the chef will freshly cut up a whole hamachi! Make sure you watch out for it – they usually do this at 7:30pm.

Teppanyaki Station with Foie Gras

As for the cooked section, I shamelessly helped myself to a lot of prawn tempuras, as I watched the chef constantly scoop them straight out of the frying oil and onto the counter. Their sirloin steak was a little thin and chewy, but thankfully the flavourful lamb chops made up for this. Most other people on the table focused on the juicy and plump foie gras.

Pork Knuckle in Ginger Stew

Even though Cafe had a whole separate counter for Chinese foods, given all the seafood and meats I had feasted on, I almost decided to skip this section altogether. That’s when someone discovered the pork knuckle in ginger stew – a traditional Chinese dish that’s usually made and given out to friends and family when a new baby arrives. So, you can imagine how uncommon it is to see this at an international buffet. And despite not pairing well with the rest of the meal, it turned out to be one of the highlights of the meal!

Mille Feuille *must order*

While the abundance of seafood may make this buffet seem more suitable for adults, kids will definitely appreciate the epic dessert counter here. Apart from the countless selection of cakes, they also had a number of Chinese desserts, macaroons, Movenpick ice cream and even softserve ice cream. There were hits and misses with the cakes, but I loved the cheesecake which was simple and satisfying, and the mille feuille was definitely one of the best I had in Hong Kong, non-buffets included.

Wide selection with quality

There were so many options at this buffet, this article could turn into a research paper before I covered them all. The wide selection means that it’s almost certain to be serving something you’ll love. And despite the variety of options and generally excellent quality of food, the buffet was still decently priced at HK$598/658 (Adult) and HK$329/299 (Child) for weekdays/weekends.

Lobby Level
Hyatt Regency Hong Kong (same building as K11)
18 Hanoi Road
Tsim Sha Tsui

Phone: 3721 7700

Spend per person: HK$730

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