Provisions (SG): New Restaurant for Fun Skewers and ‘KFC’

I can’t complain about being flooded with Insta-worthy brunch and coffee choices since moving to Singapore, especially after discovering ATLAS Coffeehouse, Pacamara and The Botanist.

But these cute coffee shops sometimes crowd out my search for enticing and fun dinner spots, until I came across Provisions. This new casual Asian fusion restaurant/bar on Dempsey Hill serves skewers, claypot rice and cocktails. Despite the high chairs and tables, it still sounded like the perfect laid back spot for a group of friends to wind down on a weekday.

Plus, their 2-for-1 house wine happy hour deal lasted through to 10pm!

“KFC” Korean Fried Cauliflower (SGD10) *must order*

A photo of that caramelised glaze generously smothering what you would otherwise not have suspected was cauliflower, was the first reason I wanted to try Provisions. I quickly decided that it was also my favourite dish of the night.

I’ve had “KFC” at a couple of other restaurants back in Hong Kong, but this rendition was probably the best. The edges were super crispy-crunchy and each piece of cauliflower was generously smothered in the addictively sweet Korean sauce.

Pig Ear Fritters (SGD12)

I sometimes get freaked out by eating unconventional parts of animals too, but managed to convince those on our table less accustomed to ‘nose-to-tail’ dining, that pig ears don’t taste weird. They have a chewy texture and once deep fried, make a great addictive snack, that’s perfect for nibbling on alongside drinks.

Har Jiong (Prawn Paste) Chicken Wings (SGD10)

Chicken wings was another easy option to order while we waited for everyone to arrive. The “har jiong” or shrimp paste was pleasantly un-strong yet added good flavouring to the wings.

Beef Sirloin Skewers (SGD10)

The menu had a good variety of skewers which ranged from crowd pleasers like beef sirloin, to more adventurous options like chicken heart. I like that the options on the menu are sufficient enough to intrigue yet concise enough not to overwhelm.

As we checked our bill, we were shocked to see we had 9 orders of beef sirloin skewers (by the way, one portion = one skewer). This was definitely the consensus favourite. The chunks of sirloin were seasoned well, cooked to medium rare and very tender.

Octopus Skewers (SGD10) *must order*

The octopus skewers was another one we had to repeat. These were deep fried, generously seasoned with sichuan pepper, and topped with delicious sauce and fried garlic.

Beef Tendon Skewers (SGD8) *must order*

But my personal favourite was the beef tendon skewers which were cooked to perfection – super gelatanious, tender and smothered in flavours.

Oyster Omelette Claypot Rice (SGD18)

The claypot rice selection was the other key attraction that brought me to Provisions. The oyster omelette was my favourite, but I do have an affinity to oysters… In general, we thought the claypot rice was good, although admittedly not too memorable either.

Mapo Tofu Claypot Rice (SGD10)

The mapo tofu claypot rice looked interesting, as it was topped with a bunch of spices and an onsen egg. Around the table, there were mixed views on this dish, but I personally thought the peppercorn flavours were overpowering.

Cute vibes and delicious sharing dishes

The concept of skewers, claypot rice and cocktails in a laid back setting, make Provisions the hip, creative and atypical spot that’s fun to bring a bunch of friends to. We loved almost all the skewers we ordered, which partly outshone the claypot rice. Even though the beef tendon skewers were pretty unforgettable, my favourite of the night was still the KFC (Korean Fried Cauliflower), which was the one thing I couldn’t stop picking at.

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7 Dempsey Road #01-04

Phone: +65 6250 7090

Spend per person: SGD30-35 (food only)

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