Mozaic (Ubud): Fine Dining in an Unsuspecting Place

I always knew of Ubud for its calm, serene and Eat-Pray-Love kind of vibe. Without the desire of going on a yoga retreat, it hadn’t been the highest priority on my list of places to visit. But then I heard about Mozaic.

In fact, a friend from Jakarta shared a number of excellent restaurants and cafes, along with the top-selling point about Ubud: an abundance of beautiful yet extremely affordable resorts. We stayed at Ume Sri Villas – it’s new, secluded and highly recommended. I can now verify that Ubud is definitely a place worth visiting, even if you’re not a yogi.

But in a rather remote and secluded location, I wouldn’t have expected amazing food options, let alone a full-blown intricate fine dining meal, accompanied with top notch service. The quality at Mozaic was that of what you’d usually only see in large cities with fierce culinary competition.

“From our Local Farmers” 6-course menu

We booked Mozaic almost two weeks in advance (bookings are must) and was informed about their “local” 6-course or 8-course menu which was priced at IDR600,000 and IDR800,000 respectively. We were admittedly taken aback by the relatively high prices (for Indonesia), but I was adamant on visiting nonetheless. It’s definitely inexpensive compared with fine dining meals in Singapore and Hong Kong, I justified.

Flawless service

We arrived early and were escorted to their lounge area to order a drink. We were served a truffle-bomb canapé, so delicious and flavourful that it immediately triggered a craving for Sauvignon Blanc. Thankfully, we were warned that there’d be a wine pairing option available (IDR650,000 per person).

We thought the service was excellent from a number of angles: from the appropriate speed of serving the dishes – i.e. not frustratingly slow, to the in-depth knowledge of the wait staff.

Amuse bouche

Without ruining the surprise of each course, I can’t help but highlight the three amuse bouches we started our meal with, which might’ve been the most unforgettable part.

The mango and coconut explosion bubble was light, refreshing and uncomplicated. Then we had the mushroom parmesan cone which was flavourful and satisfying. We finished with a slow cooked egg yolk with creme fraiche and some Indonesian nut, which definitely set the mood for the extremely refined meal that we were about to be served.


Treat your senses in Ubud, Indonesia

So the next time you’re in Bali, make sure you make a day or two’s visit up to Ubud, not only to treat yourself to the greenery and nature of the area, but also to refined dishes Mozaic has to offer.

Jalan Raya Sanggingan, Kedewatan,
Ubud, Indonesia

For reservations, click here.

Price per person: HK$1000/SGD160 for 6-course menu with wine pairing


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