Staring at Jacobs (Amsterdam): Perfectly Fried Chicken on Waffles for Brunch

With grids of canals lined up with boutique stores, coffee shops and coffeeshops, it’s hard not to fall in love with Amsterdam, as soon as you take a five minute walk in the city.

Amsterdam has a lot to show off. The abundant number of minimalistic yet beautifully decorated shops by the canals definitely left an impression on me. From my short visit, my favourite spot has to be Staring at Jacobs x Ku West – an understated cafe-style restaurant for a delicious brunch.

The decor was unassuming, simple and brightly lit, while the food was refined and satisfying.


Rasco (EUR14.5) *must order*

Their menu is varied yet concise. It left me eyeing at least three items; I must’ve spent a good 10 minutes going through the decision making process of ordering brunch… Thankfully I convinced my brunch partner to try the fried chicken on waffles with scrambled eggs.

Every component on this dish was executed well. The fried chicken was flavourful, with a spicy kick; it retained a super juicy and tender interior with not even a speck of dryness to the meat. They serve Liege-style waffles which are denser and more bread-like, compared with American or Brussels-style waffles (which I first discovered at a Belgian cafe Waffling Beans in Hong Kong). Finally, even the scrambled eggs were perfect – they were super smooth, runny and almost pudding-like.


Not-so-Kosher Benny (EUR14)

Eggs benedict or eggs royale may be served everywhere, but this item on the menu still sounded different. They give you the best of both worlds: smoked salmon and bacon, and the smoked salmon was of excellent quality. They also serve it with a creme fraiche caviar and dill hollandaise, which definitely upgraded the dish further. I was also surprisingly addicted to the homemade ‘breakfast fries’ which were super crispy potatoes.

Coffee was the only disappointment

We loved the ambience and food. But our only disappointment here was with the coffee. They had a proper commercial espresso machine but I was almost convinced that my Americano did not come out of that otherwise promising machine… It was a little stale and crema-less.

Enjoy the excellent food here, but take your caffeine cravings down the canal to Lot Sixty One where the serve some of the best coffees I’ve had in Europe!

Staring at Jacobs x Ku West
Jacob Van Lennepkade 215
1054 ZP Amsterdam

Phone: +31 20 223 7498

Spend per person: EUR15-18

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