OPSO (London): Greek Weekend Brunch in Marylebone

I’m a sucker for the stereotypical Aussie-style brunch spots – you know the ones with thinly sliced avocados on sourdough toasts, topped with with streaky smoked salmon or poached eggs? Oh, and of course with a side of three fluffy buttermilk pancakes and a flat white with a well-defined tulip latte art.

But recently I started looking for brunch dishes which were different. A number of friends had raved about the Greek restaurant, OPSO, in Marylebone. It didn’t initially strike me as the place to go for my eggs benedict, but I quickly fell in love with its non-stereotypical Greek-style brunch offering and even returned for a second visit just two weeks later.

Weekend Brunch Menu

OPSO serves their brunch menu only on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 3:30pm. While they do amazing Greek food otherwise, the addition of an “eggs” section is the reason you should be motivated to get out of your pyjamas on the weekend and try it out.

Dakos Salad *must order* – GBP12

The style of the dishes and slightly smaller portions mean that you can easily order to share. Although a salad is not exactly what you would normally crave for breakfast, I’d still highly recommend sharing the Dakos Salad. It’s a refreshing Greek-style salad, featuring cherry tomatoes, olives, onions, capers and a delicious ‘barrel-matured’ feta cheese. Think great quality ingredients marinated in a simple yet super tasty salad sauce.

OPSO Benedict *must order* – GBP14

If you’re in for brunchy dishes which are more unique, the OPSO Benedict is your answer. The perfect yolkporn-worthy semi cooked eggs are nested in their deliciously crispy, sesame-coated koulouri milk bread. It’s then masked with lamb proscuitto, which was tasty yet not very gamey either. The Greek yogurt ‘hollandaise’ was also a great finishing touch. It’s a dish you’ll wipe every drop of yolk or sauce off of, I assure you.

Prime Smoked Salmon – GBP14

But if you’re really craving the more typical brunch essentials: avocado, eggs and smoked salmon, this one’s for you. This dish also features their delicious semi-cooked eggs on the koulouri milk bread, and is topped with guacamole, smoked salmon and a cream cheese sauce.

Very Berry Pancakes *must order* – GBP11

I always run into the dilemma of seriously craving pancakes, yet also needing savoury food. I don’t like to commit to eating only sweet things for an entire meal. So when I saw the not-huge size of their pancakes, it was my opportunity to get my pancake fix. Except these were so much more than a “pancake fix”.

Not only did the pancakes have a delicious buttermilk taste, they were also appropriately thick, moist on the inside and slightly crispy on the outside. It was then topped with a decadently abundant slab of mascarpone cream cheese. You won’t have to sparingly pair only the occasional bite with cream. Plus, the drizzle of jam and chilled berries cut through the heaviness of the cream perfectly.

There are a lot of great pancake spots in London (with Sunday, Granger & Co, and The Riding House Cafe being among my favourites), but this is definitely one of the most refined.

Perfect Weekend Treat

So I now chime in with at least three other close friends who recommend OPSO as their number one for brunch. At about GBP20-25 per person, it may be a tad pricier than your regular brunch meal at a cafe. But the quality of ingredients, uniqueness of dishes and refined execution, mean that it’s more than worth the mild increment in price. It gets pretty busy during the weekends, so I’d recommend making a reservation, which is also not an annoyingly impossible feat either.

10 Paddington St
London W1U 5QL

Spend per person: GBP20-25 (weekend brunch)

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