5 Exceptional Pancakes You Need to Try in London

Breakfast is the reason I can resist the snooze option on my phone at 7am every day. I love thinking about new, and just a tiny bit different, ideas for the next morning. But for me, the limitation on weekday breakfasts is that 1) they need to be easily prepared, and 2) they need to be somewhat healthy. That’s why brunch is a totally different event to look forward to on weekends. They’re licensed to be a whole lot more sinful!

And when I’m feeling that ‘treat yo’self’ moment, pancakes are always what I resort to. So here are my five favourite brunch spots in London for pancakes specifically:

1. Sunday (Barnsbury)

Despite its slightly obscure location – about a 10 minute walk from Caledonian Road tube station – Sunday still manages to attract a one-hour long queue on weekends. But they do legit Instagram-worthy, cheat-day… a lot of things-worthy pancakes, so it’s a place I’d be willing to wait for.

The texture of the pancakes were on-point moist, with a thin layer of crispiness. It was perfectly buttermilky. It was topped with a generous amount of berries compote – which were a bit sour; I personally liked the sour touch because the pancakes were otherwise quite sweet. I usually sweep half of the butter off to indulge a little less. But here, it was pretty impossible not to soak all of this devilishly addictive honeycomb butter off the plate. Read the full review of brunch at Sunday here.

169 Hemingford Rd,
London N1 1DA

Spend per person: GBP15-18

No reservations

2. OPSO (Marylebone)

Do you ever feel torn between ordering that satisfying brunchy eggs benedict and the equally droolworthy pancakes? The struggle between savoury and sweet is very real for me. That’s why I love the smaller portions at OPSO which means that you can (and should) order more than one dish – we ordered three between two people and it was perfect.

Not only did the pancakes have a delicious buttermilk taste, they were also appropriately thick, moist on the inside and had crispy edges on the outside. It was then topped with a decadently abundant slab of mascarpone cream cheese. You won’t have to sparingly pair only the occasional bite with cream. Plus, the drizzle of jam and chilled berries cut through the heaviness of the cream perfectly. Read the full review of brunch at OPSO here.

10 Paddington St
London W1U 5QL

Spend per person: GBP20-25 (weekend brunch)

Online reservations available


3. Granger & Co (Kings Cross)

Granger & Co has to be one of my favourite brunch places in London, and it’s because of their ricotta hotcakes. These are very different from the more typical buttermilk pancakes. They are extremely soft and moist, filled with mini chunks of ricotta inside. The flavours are on point and topped with honeycomb butter, syrup and banana. I can never order anything else here. I even said it was one of the most unforgettable brunch items I had in London and named it one of eight of London’s Must-Visit Restaurants for First Timers back in 2016.

Granger & Co
Stanley Building,
7 Pancras Square,

Various other locations too

Spend per person: GBP15-20

No reservations

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 8.59.33 PM

4. The Riding House Cafe (Fitzrovia)

The pancakes from The Riding House Cafe may not look especially special in photos. In fact, that’s what made the shallow part of me a tad skeptical before coming here. But I read many reviews dubbing these as the “best buttermilk pancakes” so I had to try it for myself. They had an exceptionally crispy, pleasantly ‘burnt’ butter flavour and were just super buttermilky! The cream on top and the mix of berries all went perfectly well together.

The Riding House Cafe was featured in 10 Favourite Restaurants from Around the World in 2017.

The Riding House Cafe
43-51 Great Titchfield St,
London W1W 7PQ

Spend per person: GBP20

Online reservations available

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 9.01.56 PM

5. Chiltern Firehouse (Marylebone)

Chiltern Firehouse is an institution – apparently filled with celebrities too. Apart from being a beautifully refurbished hotel and restaurant in an old fire station, they also make extremely well polished stack of three pancakes. They were fluffy and plump. They’re also elegantly served with blueberry preserve, fresh blueberries and cream on the side. It does come at a slightly higher price tag and is a bit more fancy and fuss.

Chiltern Firehouse
1 Chiltern Street,

Spend per person: GBP25

Online reservations available

Where’s your favourite pancake spot?

Have you been to any of these restaurants? Where’s your favourite pancake spot? Leave a comment below and share the wisdom!

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