Half Cup (London): Most Satisfying Brunch in Kings Cross

The brunch dishes at Half Cup look so beautifully presented, that you may even suspect it’s Instagram bait. I happen to live two minutes away from Half Cup. And despite how busy this cafe gets, its proximity to my apartment is not even the reason I’ve become a regular. Instead, I can attest that the food here is generally genuinely as good as it looks!

A word on the long queues…

The first caveat I have to state is that this cafe attracts long queues on weekends. (But so do a lot of other great brunch cafes, like Sunday). Every time I walk by on a Saturday afternoon, there are at least 10-12 people in line. So if you can, try to come on weekdays – it’s still pretty full on weekdays which really vouches for its popularity.

Vegetarian Full English – GBP10 *must order*

My favourite dish at Half Cup is definitely the Vegetarian Full English Breakfast. The combination of ingredients is so satisfying, you wouldn’t even notice it’s vegetarian. And I say this as a meat lover. I love that all the components are cooked perfectly – especially the creamy scrambled eggs, fried halloumi and grilled mushrooms.

The key difference between the regular and vegetarian one is that the vegetarian one has halloumi and avocado instead of bacon. To me, that’s just a better trade off.

Brunch dishes at Half Cup Kings Cross London
Brunch spread at Half Cup, featuring Smashed Avocado and Smoked Salmon on Charcoal Sourdough

Avocado, Smoked Salmon and Poached Eggs on Charcoal Sourdough – GBP8

Another one of my favourite dishes here is the Smoked Salmon. They give a generous helping of smoked salmon and avocado. Otherwise it’s just one of my favourite breakfast combinations executed very well.

Parma Ham Pancakes with Cheese and Fried Egg – GBP8

The one thing I didn’t really love here is the pancakes. The feature of parma ham and cheese sounded epic, but I felt that the combination was just too dry. There needs to be some extra sauce to make it work. After a short while, the melty cheese also hardened, which also exacerbated the dry-ness of the whole dish. I did ask for some maple syrup, but it still wasn’t enough to save the dish. That said, the pancakes were indeed fluffy and buttery.

If you’re craving pancakes specifically, I’d suggest a few other places instead. Check out: 5 Exceptional Pancakes You Need to Try in London.

Cozy cafe with great value brunch dishes and coffee

In general, I love Half Cup for its great food, coffee and value. The portions of each dish are quite large. I always leave feeling extremely satisfied and full! The staff are also usually attentive and friendly, adding to the cozy warm vibes of the cafe.

London has a huge selection of brunch cafes and coffee shops, but Half Cup, along with Sunday, has got to be among my Top 5!

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Half Cup
100-102 Judd Street,

No reservations

Spend per person: GBP10-13

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